Reflections on 2012

The sun is shining and despite the chilly temperatures it’s a gorgeous day in New England.  Even though I’m incredibly sore from a weekend at yoga teacher training I was really looking forward to going for a run.  So I layered up and headed out.  Saturday night we had a good old-fashioned snow storm here in Boston and I think the skier in me was dying to get out in the snow and play.  As I navigated the snow and ice and treacherous side walks I couldn’t help but think how this run was much like 2012 itself…filled with obstacles, hard work and rarely a moment of clear sidewalks to just cruise but at the same time filled with happiness, contentment and smiles.

For me, 2012 was definitely a year of making dreams a reality.  I ran the Boston Marathon, became involved with Team in Training and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, which later proved to be a relationship that would help me make the career change I’d been working so hard for.  I became a certified personal trainer.  I found myself featured on Women’s Running Magazine’s and Fitness Magazine’s websites.  I embraced my new career and job.  And started my journey to become a certified yoga instructor, which in just a few short weeks wraps up.  Michael and I escaped to Maine for a relaxing week away and in June moved in together.  2012 was a big year when I stop to think about it.

For me though, 2012 isn’t about all the accomplishments I can write on paper…sure, I’m proud of them and all of my hard work but I think I’m MORE proud of the person I’ve become and the lessons I’ve learned.  I think I learned this lesson for the second time in my life and I’m sure I’ll have to learn it a third but making your dreams a reality is a lot of hard work.  It’s persistence, diligence, tears and sweat and more so it’s about having a support system who might believe in you more than yourself and will listen to you doubt yourself again and again while always reminding you that you can do this. I’ve learned that not everything needs to be done RIGHT NOW and that truthfully I don’t want to do everything RIGHT NOW. It just means that it make take you an extra year or maybe 5 to accomplish your goals and make your dreams come true but it also means that you’ll slow down and enjoy the journey along the way and really isn’t that what life is all about?  I think most significantly (and with many thanks to yoga teacher training) I’ve finally learned to find peace in life.  I’ve learned how to just be.  I’ve learned to love who I am and outgrow the parts of myself I don’t love.  I’ve learned that the best moments in life are the most simple, like laying in bed laughing with the one you love and curling up with a good book on a snowy day.

As we head in to 2013 I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.  In my efforts to simplify and become a recovering Type A there are no goals to talk about, or lists to tackle this year.  I know my yoga journey will continue on as I transition from teacher trainee to teacher and I know my running will always be there.  Maybe 2013 will have another marathon in store for me, but maybe it won’t.  Most of all I hope 2013 brings as much happiness and laughter to my life as 2012 did.

ellie-e1344555800796 2

As I finished my run this morning I couldn’t help but find hope and happiness in the words that Ellie Goulding so confidently belts out…

But now I’ve seen it through

And now I know the truth

That anything could happen

Anything could happen

So as we welcome in 2013 tonight I hope you’ll believe along with me, that anything could happen and dreams really do come true.

Happy New Year Friends! I wish you all a healthy and happy 2013!


On Keeping Balance

Hi Friends!  It feels like forever since I last posted.  And let’s face it, my posting is definitely a bit more infrequent these days.  My apologies, it’s just that life has been crazy busy lately.  I ran the dishwasher on Tuesday night and neither Michael nor I had the 5 minutes to empty the thing until Friday night.  I spent most of the weekend recovering, which in reality means catching up on a lot of sleep and having a few lazy mornings.  Keeping balance has proved to be a challenge lately.  I often feel like I’m at one extreme or another.  Running from one thing to the next with barely a moment to catch my breath or staring at the TV in a complete state of exhaustion.  The challenges of a new job, the final weeks of teacher training, the holidays and more are throwing me off-balance.

I LOVE my new job.  It’s equal parts challenging, fun, and rewarding and definitely fast paced.  As my boss put it, “this job can suck you in”. Luckily, much to my liking, she does her absolutely best to help us all keep the balance.  But despite how hard she tries a certain amount of that balance falls on my shoulders as well.  When I first started a few of the girls in the office were talking about having their email on their cell phones.  Some had it, others didn’t and my boss made it quite clear to me she did not have her email pushing through to her phone and I definitely did not need to do this. The recovering Type A in me felt that I absolutely wanted and needed my email connected to my iPhone.  Well after weeks of work related dreams, thanks to emails coming in at 10 at night and a momentary feeling of panic on Thanksgiving morning (again thanks to emails) I decided the email on my phone had to go.  Boundaries exists for a reason.  Funny how I’ve been sleeping soundly through the night and haven’t had a work related dream since I deleted that account from my phone. 


The week following teacher training always proves to be a challenge.  I can never get enough rest, Monday I feel like I got hit by a bus either physically or emotionally and on really hard weekends it’s both, by Friday I feel like a hot mess desperately wanting to get some sleep.  I’ve tried different tactics to make the week a bit easier but no matter what I do, it never really seems to help.  So I’ve finally given in.  There’s 3 weekends left and I’ve arranged to have the Monday after the final two training weekends off from work.  A day to myself to regroup, sleep in and recover.  That means I have one more weekend where I’ll have to tough out a whole week of work.  While part of my feels like it’s weakness or giving in, the other part of me is proud of myself for recognizing my limits and establishing some balance.  I know in the end I’ll be happy I did.

Sometimes with my new job I work evenings, or Saturdays or even Sundays.  I have social commitments of my own during the week and so does Michael.  Our schedules are never the same from one week to the next and sometimes they are just plain old unpredictable.  Late nights have been occurring a little bit more than I’m used to and it’s not meshing well with my 5am workouts.  I’m learning that sometimes the healthiest choice, is setting the alarm a little bit later and getting some extra rest.  Sometimes the key to keeping balance is actually a missed workout, some extra snuggle time and enough energy to make it through the day.

Balance 2

With the onset of the holidays and one more thing to balance with an already busy schedule I feel like I’m testing my limits and it’s not always enjoyable.  Back in August when we first started teacher training we were asked what we wanted to be free from.  I said my Type A ways.  I wanted to be comfortable living amongst the chaos, leaving clean laundry in the laundry basket for days and doing what I wanted at the time…not doing what I felt I should be doing.  By early November I felt like I had a good handle on this and was calling myself a recovering type A.  But life has a funny way of challenging us in an effort to give us what we asked for.  I certainly feel like life is challenging me in a million new ways so I can truly conquer my Type A ways.  Each and everyday I feel like I’m stopping myself and approaching things differently, reminding myself that not everything needs to be done RIGHT NOW.  Responding to emails, sorting the mail, emptying the dishwasher…they all can be done when the time is right.  Eating a proper meal, getting plenty of rest and enjoying time with loved ones…these things take precedence and keep life balanced.  Just like standing on one leg, keeping life balanced requires concentration and hard work but it feels so good!

Tell me, what has been happening in your life?  Are you keeping life balanced?