A Yoga Sutra

Happy Friday! This week seemed to fly by and I’ll take it! Last night’s speed workout did not happen.  My throat is SO sore and I am just not feeling well at all.  I went to yoga at lunch time and had a great practice but became very aware that I do not feel like myself.  A rest day from running was definitely necessary.  I spent the night relaxing in my pj’s drinking lots of tea and getting some good rest.  Hopefully I can get in my planned 16 miler tomorrow without any trouble.  I sure hope so!

Since I’m not really feeling well and it hurts to talk I thought I’d let someone else do some talking today.  I’ve been rather interested in yoga readings lately.  I love ending a great class in savasana relaxing, breathing and listening to some insightful words being shared by my yoga teacher.  It can give me such better perspective on my life and what is happening.  Some days they really touch me and resonate. I have been looking some up online and reading some on my Kindle lately.  I wanted to share this one with you all…


So take a deep breath, roll your shoulders down and make your neck long and try to relax….

The Four Great Qualities of the Heart Mind

The mind becomes clear and serene when these qualities of the heart are cultivated:

Friendliness toward the joyful,
Compassion toward the suffering,
Happiness toward the pure, and
Understanding toward the impure.

Peacefulness towards all beings
I am blessed with peace.
I am peace, Itself.

Joyfulness towards all beings
I am blessed with joy.
I am joy, Itself.

Kindness towards all beings
I am blessed with loving-kindness.
I am loving-kindness, Itself.

Compassion towards all beings
I am blessed with Compassion.
I am compassion, Itself, in action.

Yoga Sutra of Patanjali 1:33
Translated by Alistair Shearer

Do you enjoy yoga readings during savasana? What are your favorite yoga readings?

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