Why I’m Not Running a Half Marathon or Marathon in 2014

Remember when I said I wasn’t sure if I was going to run a race this year?  I finally made my decision and have decided NOT to run a half marathon or marathon this summer or fall.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make.  I’ve run a half marathon or marathon every year for the past 5 years.  I feel a little bit like I’m breaking a streak but it’s for a good reason.  With our wedding in early November I expect that I’ll be in the height of wedding planning in October.  And between now and then, we have a lot going on in life!  I really want to enjoy this time in my life.  I don’t want to be so busy that I’m ready for it to be over so I can relax.

See, I’ve tried and tried to run a race for fun.  I’ve tried to not worry about times and pace and my personal bests but every time I end up stressing out about my race.  I’m a competitor, it’s who I am.  I want to beat my PR every time and if I don’t I want to know I gave it my all and made every effort to do so.  If I know there is a finish line in sight, the competitor in me comes out in full force.

I know I could probably manage training and wedding planning if I really wanted to but I also have this knack for thinking I’m superwoman.  I think I can do it all and balance it all easily.  But then I get in the middle of it all and I get stressed out, overwhelmed, tried and ready for it all to be over.  So rather than live in denial and think I can do it all, I’m being proactive and setting myself up for success.

The Big Day!

The Big Day!

Running has been really fun and relaxing lately.  I’m excited that it will continue to be that for me and won’t add to the stress of my life or wedding planning.  I love knowing that it will help keep me calm and healthy in preparation for our wedding!

So that friends, is why I won’t be running a half marathon or marathon in 2014.



Guest Post: Inspired to run (a marathon)!

While I’m in Maine relaxing in the sun, golfing, enjoying the ocean, sightseeing and more I’m leaving you all in the hands of some of my favorite bloggers.  Jess from EatDrinkBreathSweat is today’s guest blogger! She shares her experiences  with running and barre n9ne on her blog and inspires me to run, sweat and live in the moment.  She always seems to be writing what I’m thinking!  The best part is Jess live *this close* to me and will soon be a blogger turned real life friend!  Hopefully you’ll enjoy her writing as much as I do and take a minute to check out her blog

One of the things that I love about blogging is the people. In fact, it’s the MAIN reason I blog to begin with. I’ve met some really incredible people through blogging – some that I now call my lifelong friends IRL, even.

So when I decided (along with  my husband) to run a marathon this year, it wasn’t just because it was on my fitness bucket list. But it was also because I was finding myself surrounded by some incredibly badass and TOTALLY inspirational runners everywhere I looked (read?). One of those runners is Whitney. I followed her most recent marathoning journey and was constantly impressed by her enthusiasm and sheer joy over the entire process that is marathon training. She immersed herself in the process, she bonded with her Team in Training friends and she ran the toughest marathon ever – Boston.  On one of the hottest days on record for the marathon.

I remember watching that marathon (it was my first time actually seeing the Boston Marathon which is a total SHAME since I’ve lived in Boston my entire life!) and thinking about how incredibly mental running is. Not just racing, but running in general. And my mind popped around to the various people I knew that were running that day along with Whitney. And I was inspired more and more by the minute. Watching the runners pass by me at mile 26 and seeing sheer determination and the WILL to keep going. It was unreal.

So for me – this is sort of becoming a blogging breakthrough for me. To push myself to new heights (all 26.2 new heights) because I’ve seen the transformation it evokes in the bloggers around me who have conquered 26.2 before. Blogging is not just something I do, it’s a part of who I am today and it’s part of what’s shaped me as the person I’m becoming today. The very person that will stare down 26.2 this fall even if it STILL scares the pants off me. Maybe Whitney can talk me off the ledge…I think she knows a thing or two about these things. 😉

So the moral of this story – if you’re a blogger (or not), stop and look around you once in a while. Celebrate the bloggers (and the people) around you that inspire you, lift you up, and challenge you. Take a page from their book now and then. I think we could all stand to do a lot more “group hugs” up in here, don’t you?

…and if you’d like to stop on by my blog now and then, I’ll try to keep you entertained with plenty of stories along my own journey towards 26.2 this fall. I can’t promise it’ll be pretty though. 😉