Coffee Date

How has it been a month since I last posted? Life has been busy and time is flying by! In one week I’ll officially have been a mother for 6 months and my sweet Enzo will be half a year old. I can’t take it. I thought I’d be good to catch up coffee date style…all the things I’d tell you if we were having a cup of coffee. What would you tell me?

It all works out. I feel like with summer wrapping up, our nanny quitting abruptly on us, working on our house, and balancing our jobs life has been rather full. And stressful. To be honest, I really didn’t think about blogging much because I was too busy worrying about finding a new nanny, and having child care coverage so we could go to work, worrying about house projects, and fitting in a million things around plans with friends and end of summer trips, and googling sleep regressions and baby teething, and oddly enough obsessively reading my horoscope hoping that it would magically tell me that it will all work out. It does. I don’t know why I read those.

Seriously though, our nanny quit abruptly. She went out guns blazing. I’d love to share the gory details but that would be in appropriate. And I try to be appropriate. In my pre-parenthood life I used to hear parents talk about how stressful it was when they were in a childcare pickle. I understand it now. I also understand that good nannies are hot commodity and you must move quickly when you have a lead on one. Lucky for us our nanny chose us from a few families she’d been interviewing with. I thought we had no chance so I was pleasantly surprised to get that call. Enzo loves her, we love her, she fills our home with her humming and sing songs, and baby laughter. I can actually leave for work on time, smoothie and coffee in hand. I come home from work to an organized home and a happy baby. It all works out.



We finally got our act together and have a plan for our yard. We ripped out our lawn and landscaping last fall with plans of planting in the spring. It never happened (we had a baby!) so we’ve been those people with no lawn. Then we decided to level the yard, remove trees, put in a retaining wall, put in a patio, a new deck, new garage doors, paint the foundation, and expand our driveway. Originally we planned to do it ourselves but I think we’ve realized that it’s a little bigger than we have time for.  The trees are coming down tomorrow, we have quotes coming in for the lawn work, and the hubby is making progress on the rest of it. Will it be done this fall? Maybe not. But it’s all working out.


Family time

Summer came and went and I think we’re pretty grateful for a quiet fall. We had quite a summer filled with many firsts for Enzo and lots of family adventures. It was awesome actually. But packing up a kid every week for said adventures with everything else going on is exhausting. By Labor Day weekend our fun weekend away felt more like a giant stress. We had a good time but we are happy to be close to home and enjoying our quiet weekends. The fall came at the perfect time, giving us the break we needed. Again, it all works out.

As for that sleep regression Enzo’s finally back on his normal schedule and is sleeping well through the night again. He’s teething and according to Wonder Weeks experiencing nightmares so he cries out in his sleep but he’s sleeping. We’re sleeping. All my googling and worrying was really for nothing. As we always say when it comes to Enzo, this too shall pass. And again it all works out.

I’m getting fast. In the midst of all the craziness above I have been really great about sticking to my workout routine. As tough as that 4:45am alarm can be it’s usually not worth sleeping in. The sleep I get for an extra hour isn’t quality and usually I just lay there thinking that I should have gotten up. I love that “me time” to start the day and I love coming home and devoting my time to Enzo, Michael, and whatever else needs to be addressed that day. It’s so much better than trying to squeeze in some miles or strength with Enzo after work.


Getting Fast! 6 miles at an 8:56 pace!

I’ve been doing an easy 3-4 miles on Monday, speedwork on Wednesday, and a long run on Friday with strength work on Tuesday and Thursday. Usually we fit in a family walk or an extra workout over the weekend. It’s working for me and I feel really good. I’m learning that on the nights I don’t get good sleep I need to just adjust accordingly. It’s better to run 6 miles that are really solid instead of 8 mediocre miles. I’m also recognizing that despite running for 5 months now I’m still not strong enough to do much more than 8-10 miles once a week. My knees ache, I get really sore, and it takes a long time to recover. Right now 12-15 miles a week is just right. I am excited to be running with a pace in the 8’s again. It’s really exciting and motivating.

I’ve continued to lose weight and have about 7 pounds to go. I’m getting really motivated to lose the rest and need to mentally make that commitment to myself.  I’m losing weight slowly but know when I commit (weigh my protein, skip the sweets) I’ll get there faster. Maybe I’ll start today. Either way I feel more like my pre-pregnancy self each day. I’m back in all my clothes and feel like this body is getting to be what it once was, although it will never truly be that. It just can’t be.


Our first 5K!

I also ran my first 5K postpartum over Labor Day. I ran with the stroller and ran 8:35min/miles. It was awesome and rewarding. I felt like my hard work paid off a bit and I also felt a bit like supermom. Go me?!

Looking forward. If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I’m looking forward to the future and feel like I’m enjoying the present. We have weekends with relatively little plans and I find myself enjoying the simplicity of things. I’m excited for Enzo’s swim lessons each Sunday morning, looking forward to apple picking, and Columbus Day weekend, our trip to Wellfleet for the Oyster Fest, cooking and relaxing during Enzo’s naps on the weekends, walks in the cool weather, our family photo shoot to celebrate our second wedding anniversary and so much more.

So that’s where I’m at. Enjoying the calm after a stressful bit and reminding myself that life ebbs and flows. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for updates on my runs, and lots of baby pictures!

What would you tell me over coffee?



On March 26, 2016 we welcomed Enzo Michael into the world! If you follow me on Instagram you likely saw my announcement followed by tons and tons of baby picture posts. I thought a lot about blogging during the past 4 months but I never posted. I really wanted to spend my maternity leave focused on Enzo and enjoying that time together. I’m really happy I did and that I did not take a moment of that time for granted. I also wanted to spend some time thinking about whether or not I wanted to keep blogging, and how or if Enzo fit into that. Ultimately, I just needed to take some time to be a new mom and see where it would lead me.

The past 4 months have been nothing short of extraordinary. Michael and I are blessed with an incredibly sweet, loving boy who likes to sleep and dislikes crying. He fills our home with laughter, smiles, and more love and joy than I ever imagined. He’s certainly made my world feel complete. It hasn’t all been sunshine and roses however, we have had our challenges. Our biggest challenge was with breastfeeding and after a lot of thought I want to post about our experience but more on that another day. I’m also going to share our birth story. I feel it’s important to share those stories because neither experience was one I had ever really anticipated or heard other moms experiencing. I have since learned that both aren’t all that uncommon, just maybe not discussed as much.  Michael and I have learned a lot as new parents through trial and error, reading (so much reading), advice from friends and family, and our intuition. Enzo has experienced quite a lot in his short 4 months with us. We are trying so hard to take advantage of the portable stage. He’s been to the beach a few times, to many parties and BBQ’s, to NY to visit my family, restaurants, the movies, to Maine and Rhode Island, Boston, the Boston Marathon, and so much more. We’ve had a blast and continue to have a blast as a family of 3.


I’m not going to post much about Enzo here. You won’t see monthly posts about him and I won’t be sharing his measurements or milestones. You will probably catch glimpses of him as he fits into our family life, and as I share experiences about stroller running.  I do post baby pictures on Instagram and share some of our day to day life there so be sure to follow me if that’s of interest. LiveRunLoveYoga has always been about my experiences living a healthy life and that’s what it will continue to be.

I’ve found motherhood to be an incredibly rewarding and exciting experience. It took some time to adjust at first but now we’re in our groove and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Postpartum can be a really challenging time. As soon as I gave birth I was eager to loose the baby weight. I gained exactly 40 pounds from the day I conceived to the day I delivered. Much of that was water and the baby. About a week after birth I was down about 20 pounds with 20 pounds left to loose. I didn’t focus on losing baby weight until I was cleared for exercise and I happily ate all the comfort food that was brought and prepared for us because I was exhausted and trying to keep a tiny human alive. At about 4 weeks postpartum I started to clean up my diet and was counting the days until I could run again. I started running and doing circuit workouts at exactly 6 weeks postpartum. I’ve lost another 10 pounds since I started exercising and have 12 pounds to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and 18 pounds to my goal weight. I’m almost back in all my normal clothes but some of skirts and pants are still a bit too tight for my liking. I’ve found it MUCH harder to accept my new body than I thought. My thighs now rub together (hello chaffing), and I have a few stretch marks to remind me that my body grew a human. I’m currently experiencing postpartum hair-loss and as many moms can tell you that’s not fun. It’s also summer in New England and that doesn’t make it any easier. I bought myself a tankini I really like and feel confident in but I have been eyeing my bikini. I told myself that I will wear my bikini to the beach before summer is over because I think it will be a good lesson for me in self-acceptance. Breastfeeding didn’t work for us so I haven’t had the ability to burn extra calories from that. I’m losing weight the good old fashioned way…diet and exercise.

40 Weeks Pregnant

One of my favorite things I’ve been doing is stroller running. It’s HARD, so HARD but I love being out there doing something I love with my little boy. He sits in his carseat attached to the BOB and chit chats and smiles at me the whole time. He thinks its hysterical when I get out of breath running uphill and always gives me a good chuckle (thanks for the support Enzo). I’ve found there isn’t a lot out there in terms of postpartum running, and even more so stroller running so I really want to share what our experience has been. What works for me, what doesn’t. I’ve also become a circuit lover and want to share some of my favorite workouts.

I’m back at work now days and I like to think that we’re doing our best and our best is pretty good. I’m learning that things don’t need to be done perfectly to be done. Perfection is impossible when you are doing a million things in one day. My house isn’t the cleanest, my workouts aren’t always the best,  and usually one of us is exhausted but we always sit down for a healthy dinner together, have lots of smiles, enjoy time as a family, and Michael and I somehow manage to spend a little time together. We probably have a little too much ice cream than I really need but hey, we’ve earned it and it’s summer. Parenthood isn’t easy but it’s so worth it!

What have you been up to since March?