A New Year and New Resolutions

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of January. I swear, the older I get the faster time goes. I never got around to setting goals this year. I was too focused on relaxing, recovering and starting life with my new husband. I simultaneously wanted to accomplish everything and do absolutely nothing. After few low-key weeks and lazy days on the couch I’m back to my same old self and surging ahead with plans and projects. We have a lot we hope to accomplish this year- our list of projects, plans, goals, and dreams is long yet I’m not motivated to share them, or put them down on paper. I like the idea of being able to change or let them go as 2015 comes at us. My true hope is that life will lead us to new adventures, plans and projects that I couldn’t have dreamed of much like 2014 did. In 2015, I want to go with the flow and see where life leads us.

Even though I’m not writing my goals and plans down this year there are still a few things I’d like to accomplish. You could even call them resolutions if you’d like…

I need to get back out there and run more! I got really comfortable with running very little in 2014. Most of my runs were 3-4 miles and it was a good week if I got out there two times. Some weeks I never even got out for a run. I love running, I really do. I love being alone with my thoughts, the fresh air, and sweating. Running just makes me feel good. So this winter I’m determined to get out and run more- despite the cold. My resolution is to run at least twice a week and not let rain, snow, wind or cold stop me.


My other resolution is to do more push-ups! I’ve been back on the yoga mat lately and those chatarungas are hard! It was a reminder that push-ups really do help me stay strong. I used to do them almost every day at the end of my workout but since I started doing barre more I cut back on them. That means barre was my only source of strength training. Even though I usually go twice a week, it’s just not enough to maintain my strength.


Lastly, I’m getting back to my ab routine. I used to do this immediately following my set of push-ups but I have let it go and my abs show it. Doing abs in barre twice a week is not the same as doing abs 4 or 5 days a week. It’s time to get back to and build my core strength.


I’m leaving the definition of “more” open-ended. More may be 5 mile runs or more frequent short runs or a half-marathon. More might be a 30-day ab challenge. More might be push-ups every day. Or maybe it’s just simply getting back to finishing my workouts with abs and push-ups. Much like my goals for 2015, I’m leaving these resolutions open so I can go with the flow and see where life leads.

running close up

Pullover | Pants

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What are your fitness resolutions for 2015?


April Wrap-Up and May Goals!

Hey Guys! How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was good, productive but relaxing.  What’s better than that?! So since today is the final day of April I figured I’d do a bit of a wrap up since it’s been quite the month for me and we missed the usually mid-month update!

My first goal for April was to run the Boston Marathon.  Even the day was 90 degrees and sunny I successfully completed the marathon in a time of 4:25.27!  For the full recap of the day, read The Boston Marathon Mile By Mile.  I also shared my recap of the Boston Marathon Expo and some of my post marathon thoughts.   One of my favorite posts was about the history of women and the Boston Marathon as this year marked the 40th Anniversary.

Hard to Believe This Was Just Two Weeks Ago!

The second goal for April was to take my NASM Personal Trainers Exam.  I recently took my exam and I’m proud to say I PASSED! I started studying for my exam in November and probably took about a month off from studying during that time.  I finished reading and reviewing the chapters at the end of March and then spent about 2 and half weeks taking practice exams.  By the time exam day came I felt very prepared.  I’m so relieved the test is over and that I passed!  I’ll do a full post on why I choose NASM this week.

My third goal was to start a new book.  I just started 50 Shades of Grey and I’m very interested in seeing what everyone is talking about.  It feels really good to be relaxing and reading for pleasure.

My other goals were to rest, relax and have fun.  I have to say April was a very busy but fun month!  The marathon was a really fun weekend from start to finish.  Going to the expo, the Saucony party, my family coming to town and all of the Team in Training events were really fun, as was the marathon itself.  Michael and I also have been out with our friends quite a bit lately and I’ve really enjoyed it.

Marathon weekend was so fun!

For May, my goals aren’t as defined and that is OK.  The last few months have been so productive that it is nice to take break and catch my breath.  May’s goals include:


My plan is to get back to my regular yoga routine.  I usually take a 45-minute class 3 days a week and an hour and a half flow over the weekend.  My strength has diminished a bit since my practice was not as strong in the final weeks of marathon training so I want to work to gain that back.

Need to build my yoga strength again!


My goal for running right now is to focus on shorter distances and running “free”.  I want to try running without my knee strap since I feel like my body doesn’t need it any longer but my mind uses it as a crutch.  So short runs without a training plan and knee strap are exactly what I need to just run for fun and enjoyment!

I also plan to keep reading, I’d like to finish a book or two this month.  Aside from that Michael and I have a lot of fun things plan so I really hope to enjoy those!  Ok, I’m off to start the week!

Are you NASM certified?  Did you accomplish your goals for April? What are your goals for May?