The Magic of the Season

The last two months have been a bit of a blur! I recently started a new job and we’ve been busy with life, our home, and of course family. October was filled with fall fun like apple picking, pumpkin patches, our annual weekend away to the Wellfleet Oyster fest, Halloween, lots of trips to the park to enjoy the swings, the arrival of not one but 2 of Enzo’s teeth, and more. I think Enzo made the cutest little horsey for Halloween and we had a blast dressing him up for a couple of parties and a short trick or treating trip to visit neighbors and grandma and grandpa. In November we celebrated 2 years of marriage and counted our blessings at Thanksgiving. Looking back on the past two months I definitely remember our trips to the park, walks with Enzo, morning playtime in our PJs with a good cup of coffee, and fun visits with friends and family. I think those are all good things to look back on over the past two months.

We’re SO excited for the holidays this year. I’ve always loved Christmas and celebrating but this year feels extra special. I’ve been looking forward to sharing our traditions with Enzo and watching the magic and wonder on his face.

Thanksgiving was really special because it was so quiet. We visited my parents in upstate NY and enjoyed dinner together. Enzo loved sitting at the table with everyone and thoroughly enjoyed trying mashed potatoes and Gram’s homemade rolls for the first time. He even got to meet his new “cousin”, my brother’s black lab puppy. The had quite a bit of fun climbing on each other and slobbering all over. We visited my aunt and uncle, saw my cousins, took a trip to Saratoga for lunch and enjoyed the time with family.


On our way home we stopped at the farm where we cut our tree down every year and got our Christmas tree. Enzo wasn’t quite sure what to make of it all and he definitely looked confused when we brought the tree in the house. It was magical to bring him downstairs the next morning and show him the tree all lit up. His little hand reached out to touch it and he stared at the tree with his mouth agape with wonder. Of course now all he wants is to touch the tree and stick his hand in the water at the base but he’s slowly learning it’s for looking not touching. I think chasing after him and keeping him from the tree will help us keep off any holiday weight!


We have a family outing to visit Santa planned, another trip to NY to celebrate Christmas, and of course are looking forward to seeing the magic on Enzo’s face as he gets to open his first gifts. I’m excited to be celebrating the actual holiday at our home in Massachusetts this year. It will be fun to be home for Enzo’s first Christmas morning and to have some family time just the 3 of us to sit by our tree and open gifts. He loves all things crinkly and noisy so we’re quite sure wrapping paper will be sheer joy for him. We even put some extra effort into decorating this year and I’m absolutely loving our new mantle decorations. Michael and I are looking forward to a couple night’s out for our work holiday parties too. We spend a lot of “date nights” at home (totally by choice) so it will be fun to get dressed up, dance, and enjoy some time together.

The magic of the season is upon us and this year it’s even more exciting. I feel pretty blessed for all that we have in our life and I’m excited to be sharing in the joy and love with my family.

What are you looking forward to this holiday season?


Any Thoughts, Suggestions or Similar Experiences?

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