Pregnancy Reflections

I’m 38 weeks pregnant today. It seems crazy to me that we are this far along and will have a baby in our arms in 2 weeks (or so) time. I feel like I can finally take a step back and relax a bit. We did it, we did this pregnancy thing.


If you know Michael and I personally then you know that in our world change brings more change- you might recall that we started repainting our home and updated our half-bath while planning our wedding and both took new jobs just months before our big day. Finding out we had a little one on the way was enough to make us decide to tackle a nursery renovation, a complete bathroom remodel and renovation, a new job for Michael, and about a million other little things like buying a car, getting life insurance, finishing our wedding album, and all the things necessary to prepare for a baby like finding a pediatrician, shopping for gear, finding a nanny, and more. Given all the changes happening to my body, to my home, and life I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t completely and utterly stressful and exhausting at times. It was but I feel like we totally conquered our over ambitious pregnancy to-do list and our home and lives are ready for the transition from two to three. I feel like our lives are in a calm and peaceful place with plenty of room for the baby and that’s exactly how I wanted to feel at this point.

I love our new bathroom and the way the nursery came out. It’s exactly what I wanted and every time I look into the rooms my mind flashes forward to scenes of our new life as a family of 3…bath time filled with laughter, bedtime stories in the nursery, toys scattered about as we play.

Michael and I also managed to still have our weekly date nights, nights out with friends, and time with family. We celebrated our first anniversary in style, danced it up at my cousin’s wedding and spent time with good friends over dinners. We escaped to Nantucket for a quiet babymoon and savored every moment together.


We celebrated Baby Rosa with ALL our friends and family- one shower in Massachusetts and one in New York.

I KNOW we wouldn’t be at this point in our pregnancy, ready for Baby R, without all our friends and family. Michael’s parents were over helping anyway they could, my dad would drive from NY on Friday night and work his butt off for two days before hopping in the car and heading home Sunday night, our friends took time away from their families to help us demo or hang sheet rock.  Pregnancy has truly been a time in our life where we feel completely and utterly loved and supported by those around us. I personally think we are pretty lucky when it comes to friends and family.


The last month of pregnancy has been as hard as everyone said it would be and harder than I could ever imagine. My body does not feel like it’s mine at all. It’s a challenge to put on shoes, roll over, and I pretty much hate all types of pants. Cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and the day to day of daily life are a challenge at times. Never in my life have I longed for the couch and naps like I have in these final few weeks although truth be told I really haven’t rested enough. I feel like I totally underestimated what it would feel like to be 9 months pregnant and at the same time I’m incredibly grateful that my pregnancy as a whole was so easy. Everyone told me time would slow down this month, they weren’t kidding. It feels like Baby R will never be here. My excitement builds and builds with each passing day and I just want to know if it’s a boy or a girl! I’ve started thinking more and more about labor and delivery and only hope it’s as easy as this pregnancy has been.


With 2 weeks to go Michael and I are looking forward to some quiet time and trying to contain our excitement. We’re spending time in the kitchen cooking, heading out to our favorite restaurants, and enjoying the remaining time we have just the two of us. It doesn’t even seem real that next time I’m popping in here I’ll be talking about life as a mom and a family of 3. These last 9 months have been quite an adventure filled with so much happiness and I can’t wait to experience the next part of our journey.

What’s your guess? Is Baby R a Boy or Girl?


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