Wedding Day Photos and Advice for Brides

We’ve been married for 1 month to the day. It still can’t believe we are officially married and we share a last name. It gives me chills to call Michael my husband and I definitely get a big goofy grin each time I say that. We had a gorgeous, cool fall day filled with family, friends and love! Caroline Winn Photography handled our wedding day photos and she truly captured the emotion!  Here’s a few of my favorite wedding photos!


I learned a lot about myself, my relationship and life while planning the wedding. I thought I’d share my unsolicited advice…

  • Wedding planning is going to be busy and stressful. Being extra Type A will not help you avoid this. Trust me, I tried.
  • Trust in your future spouse and all of your vendors. They are there to make your day amazing and they will deliver. I promise.
  • Do yourself a favor and find a fiance who actually wants to plan the wedding with you. It’s incredible and I’m blessed that Michael wanted to be such a big part of the planning process. He was filled with awesome ideas and it was really fun.
  • Determine which things you must have and absolutely cannot live without, what falls in the middle and what you could care less about. For us,  designing and printing a ceremony program fell into the middle. It didn’t happen and we didn’t care. But we did write our entire ceremony which was personal and heartfelt…that I could not live without.
  • Have a girlfriend you feel comfortable calling when you are stressed out and melting down. It’s going to happen. And it’s going to be a lot better when you have a friend you can call and cry to. She’ll likely tell you whatever you are upset about ultimately doesn’t matter. She’s probably right.
  • Determine as a couple what your dream day involves. If you don’t want a cake, don’t get a cake. If you want a first look, do a first look. Decide together what will make your day perfect and stand strong for what you want. Everyone will have their opinions and they will share them with you, just be confident about your decisions and people will respect that.
  • Remember, it’s your wedding day. It will be perfect because it’s your day. The flowers, the cake, the plates, or any other little details will not make it perfect. It will be perfect because you get to marry the one you love!



4 thoughts on “Wedding Day Photos and Advice for Brides

  1. Joyce L. Young (@MadscribblerJ) says:

    I was maid of honour at two weddings and both convinced me not to have a traditional wedding. I think its a huge ruse on the part of the wedding industry (and I watched my two friends succumb to it!) to think that this day has to be perfect and its never going to get better than this. I applaud anyone who wants to this route but it was never for me and I never bought into the ‘princess’ idea. i didn’t have a wedding but I have my ring and my prince charming and that is quite perfect!

    Congratulations by the way!


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