This is for you…

I’ve talked about being busy a lot lately but I haven’t talked about how staying active helps me accomplish all that I need to do. I strongly believe in the idea that a body in motion stays in motion. The days where I am up and at it with a workout or start the day crossing things off my to-do list are the days when I accomplish the most and feel good about myself. Those are the days when I clean the kitchen floor, do 5 loads of laundry, tackle a million things for the wedding, do the grocery shopping and still manage to get to barre or yoga. On those days I lay my head on my pillow feeling satisfied with all that I accomplished. I feel motivated to get up and do it all over again.


One of my tricks to accomplishing it all is creating a to-do list, and these days that list is more crucial than ever. I’ve recently taken it one step further and started adding deadlines and time limits to the items on my to-do list. Some may think that doing that is a little overkill, but for me it ensures that I accomplish all I need to do without having to make a sacrifice. Just like everyone else, I can get sucked in to Facebook and crappy TV, and before I know it I don’t have enough time to finish cleaning the house, or do my errands and still get my workout in. These time stops help me stay focused and help me work productively. They help me make sure that I accomplish the things I HAVE to do so I can enjoy the things I WANT to do like barre, yoga, running or a date with a friend.


The other bonus of my to-do list with time limits method is that I can be more present in life. I spend less time worrying about what I didn’t do or need to do and more time on the things that matter. I can enjoy my workout and focus on my own thoughts and feelings. I can spend quality time with Michael and focus on our conversations. I can enjoy the wedding planning process and all the fun stuff that brings like having my mom and maid of honor in town for my pre-wedding hair and make up trial and dress fitting.

And speaking of to-do lists, it should be no surprise that I’m loving lucy activewear even more these days. Their tagline? “This is for you. The ones who have it all… on your to-do list.” Yep…that’s me!

I’ve worked with lucy before and became a fan. So when POPSUGAR Select teamed up with them and asked me to take part I couldn’t resist. Their new “Do Everything” collection looks amazing. Turns out it is! I’ve been loving clothes that go from one thing to the next…an outfit that works for barre and can look cute at dinner with a friend? Yes, please. Something comfortable I can run errands in and meet with a wedding vendor in? Yes, thank you. Their clothes are versatile and perfect for yoga or any type of workout. I ordered the Hatha Pant, Heart Center Cami, and the Sexy Sweat Half Zip. The pants are a classic black yoga pant that work for just about anything. I love that the bootcut is a bit more narrow so they’ll work for barre too. The cami is so comfortable for a performance top. I wore it under the half zip to run errands one day and was really impressed. Usually performance workout tops aren’t great to wear all day but this one definitely is. The half zip does it all. Perfect to wear to yoga, during savasana and to run errands. I’ve lived in it on the weekends! I’m planning to wear this on our honeymoon flight- it’s perfect for traveling and I’ll love the tank and pants for yoga on the beach!


The best part of all this? lucy gets it. And they want to make life a little bit easier for those of us who live off a to-do list. Here are the details…

What woman can’t use a little help – each week you can win your choice of a year of housecleaning, babysitting or meal delivery. One grand prize winner will receive all three. More “you time” to do the things you really love (like getting in your favorite workout).

This is for you. The ones who have it all…on their to-do list! Let lucy take away the small stuff that stands between you and a good sweat.

Enter for a chance to win some more “You Time”! Giveaway ends December 16th.

I’m pretty sure we could all use a bit more “me time” so be sure to enter and while you’re at it check out all the new gear offered by lucy that might just make your life a bit easier!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by lucy through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about lucy, all opinions are my own.

Tell me, how does being active help you accomplish all the things you love to do?


Any Thoughts, Suggestions or Similar Experiences?

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