The Dessert Diaries

I don’t know about you but the summer really brings out my sweet tooth.  I find myself craving ice cream, cake and those sweet treats more than usual.  We tend to find ourselves at barbecues and social gatherings with a table of sweets a bit more than normal.  And hot summer days always have me craving an ice cream cone or slush!  It’s all fun and games until the scale starts to creep up and I can’t stop myself from indulging.  It’s always a struggle for me to keep it in check and challenges my self-control. “The Dessert Diaries” is where I’ll be sharing my challenges and struggles with enjoying summer treats in moderation and show how I keep it real.  I hope you’ll join the conversation and share your own dessert diaries by using #dessertdiaries on social media!

Dessert Diaries

The last few weeks were relaxing, fun and stress free.  I was transitioning out of my old role and had yet to start my new job.  I was meeting up with friends a bit more than usual, celebrating and saying good-bye to my old co-workers and to top it all off we celebrated 4th of July with a long weekend.  We had cake multiple times at my office, trips to my favorite ice cream stand with my team and more ice cream as we watched the World Cup.  Michael and I took a trip to Richardson’s, stopped for slush on our way home from the beach and really enjoyed ourselves.  When we were home relaxing after dinner I found myself craving a sweet and enjoyed a frozen Greek Yogurt bar almost every night.  Coming in at about 100 calories made it really easy for me to justify it when I probably should have just skipped it.   I will say I did have enough self-control to only have one sweet per day.  It’s not shocking that when I stepped on the scale Sunday morning I weighed 4 pounds more than normal.

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 9.20.59 PM

To get back on track this week I’ve been focusing on workouts and healthy meals.  I struggled the most with my eating habits during the work day and since I just started a new job it’s the perfect time to reinstate some healthy habits.  Fruit in the morning can usually curb my sweet craving for the entire today so I’ve been starting my day with some cereal with fresh berries and  a banana.  I finish lunch with more fruit, this week it’s a peach and blueberries, and late afternoon I’ve been snacking on a granola bar.   Thankfully I’ve been free from cravings and I’ve even seen the scale go down 2 pounds!

At night I’ve still been enjoying a frozen Greek Yogurt bar but have switched to a fruit flavor free from chocolate.   They’re only 80 calories and to be honest I really just want to get them out of the house.   Once we run out, we run out.  I won’t be restocking in the immediate future.  My plan is to keep some homemade banana “ice cream” on hand and have a small scoop of that when I’m home and want a sweet.  When we are out or go to the ice cream stand I’ll happily enjoy.  Ultimately I’d like to get my sweets down to one to two times per week.   I won’t deprive myself but I always won’t over do it.   It is a treat!

What is your struggle and challenge when it comes to sweets?  What would be in your Dessert Diary?