Live in the Present

I feel like I’m slowly emerging from the black hole that is home renovations and life.  Sorry for being so MIA lately.  Life has just been needing a lot more of my attention lately and it’s hard to pull away and share my thoughts with you.   I miss you though, I really do.   In fact I write you a post every time I go for a run or find the yoga mat.   It’s just that the posts are in my head, not here.  Hopefully that will be changing soon!

Speaking of life and changes I’ve been thinking a lot about living in the present.  We have so much going on right now…we’re painting our house,  re-doing a bathroom, buying a new car and wedding planning.   Each of those things are really exciting and as a result I’m finding it hard to stay in the moment.  I feel like I’m constantly thinking and saying, “I can’t wait until ____” or “I’m so ready to be finished with ____”.   What I’m learning is that living in this state makes me really stressed out and anxious.   I feel like I worry so much more about things getting done, or working out as I want them to.  I’m learning that living two steps ahead feels kind of empty.

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I found my way to the mat the other day for a much-needed morning flow.  I made an effort to let everything go and just focus on my breath and body.  It was the first time in weeks where I felt my angst and stress slip away.  Since then I’ve been making an effort to live in the present.  I’ve tried to embrace the good moments, the stressful and the relaxed moments.   Thankfully I’ve been able to share my thoughts and emotions with Michael and have his support in letting go of the to-do lists and deadlines in the future and just enjoy the present.  I’m learning that things usually work out as planned.  I’m also learning that plan B can be a heck of a lot better than plan A.

There are times in life where I feel like I’ve come so far with all that yoga has taught me.  I feel like I’ve learned to slow down (mostly), and be more mindful and compassionate.  And then life reminds me that there are always ways to grow and learn and that we’ll never master it all.

Tell me, how are you living in the present?