Coffee Talk Sunday

It feels like it’s been awhile since we shared a cup of coffee and caught up on life.  It probably feels like that because it has been awhile, over a month in fact.  Last time we chatted I told you about how I love the variety of my workouts, and wedding planning and my life with Twila.  All that remains true, yet some how I feel like I’ve made such progress in life.

I’ve been thinking a lot about progress and life.  Actually, it seems like the world is surrounding me in messages on said subject.  I touched on this a little in my last post about slowing it down, but I feel like this year is really about learning to enjoy the progress in life and let go of my to-do lists, deadlines and RIGHT NOW mentality.  Michael always tells me he doesn’t worry because he trusts that things will happen and get done in life as they were meant to.  I feel like he always does such a good job living in the present so I’ve been trying to more myself.  Even my daily yoga readings have been reminding me of this thought.  I’ve learned though that is such a better way to live.  I’ve been feeling so much more at peace lately and feel so much better by focusing on the progress we make not the end the result.

Speaking of progress, we’ve been painting our home.  It’s been a lot of work and to be honest I really wasn’t enjoying it.  We took a break for a couple of months and now we are back at it, trying to wrap up the last few rooms by the end of June.  I have to say this time around I’m having more fun with it and feeling good about all the work we do each day, rather than just wishing we were done.  I guess you could say I’m enjoying our progress.  Plus I loved when we were listening to music and Krishna Das came on and Michael started doing “yogic painting”.  It made me laugh.

Yogic Painting

Yogic Painting

Did you know our wedding is less than 6 months away now?  It seemed like time was standing still but now it feels like it’s picking back up!  We had our engagement photo shoot a few weeks ago with our wedding photographer.  We hired Caroline Winn Photography.  Caroline was a healthy living blogger, is a certified yoga teacher and now a photographer.  We actually found her thanks to blogging community and we’re pretty excited.  Our photos came out absolutely beautiful and we love working with Caroline!  Check out some of our photos and Caroline’s work!  I’ve been looking them at non-stop trying to pick out which ones to frame, I’ll be honest I love them all!


Caroline Winn Photography

I’m pretty much counting the days until our wedding and honeymoon but I do have to say the next 6 months are filled with some pretty fun things.  I’m heading to NYC in June for a long weekend to visit my cousin who is my maid of honor.  We’re planning to do some wedding related shopping and have a girls weekend which I’m really looking forward to it.  In August I’m having a bachelorette beach bash and then in September my mom is throwing me an Italian themed bridal shower.  I’m also looking forward to picking out our wedding rings and planning some of the fun little details that will really make our day memorable!

With the wedding only 6 months away I’ve been re-motivated to focus on clean eating and a little bit of weight loss.  I was doing so good from about January to March but then work got stressful and life got busy and I was less diligent.  My biggest problem right now is my sweet tooth!  I don’t know what happened but I definitely crave something sweet at 2 or 3pm everyday.  I thought I could moderate myself but I’m not really sure I can.  I’ve decided to go cold turkey on the sugar for now.  It’s the only way to get over it for me.  The one good thing is that I’ve been LOVING morning workouts lately.  I just love that quiet time to myself in the morning before the world is bustling and it makes me feel so good throughout the entire day!

Lastly, I’d tell you that I recently closed the comments on LiveRunLoveYoga.  It’s not that I don’t want you to comment or share, it’s just that I’d rather you do so via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  See, I’ve had a little bit of a spam problem on the blog and it was becoming really hard to keep up with and it felt like a daily chore.  I’d rather be spending my time on a post for you than deleting spam comments.  So please keep sharing, commenting and being awesome- let’s just do it through social channels instead.

Well friends, my cup of coffee is empty and I’ve run out of things to catch you up on for now.  Until next time…

What have you been up to lately?