Product Review: Lucy Activewear

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you know I love workout gear.  I moved to Boston when Lululemon was just catching on and I fell in love.  I owned more Lulu than I did regular clothes and stalked the weekly emails to see what new products came out.  Eventually I out grew my Lulu addiction and found myself with an Athleta addiction.  I’ve since branched out and now own a little bit of everything.  I like to think I spread the love!  When Lucy Activewear reached out and asked me if I wanted to review their clothes I immediately jumped on it.  One of my favorite yoga teachers lived in Lucy and always raved about it.  I’d also walked by their store and was also intrigued.  After wearing their gear for runs, barre and yoga I see why people love it.

Lucy Activewear

Lucy Activewear

The lovely folks at Lucy sent me a pair of the Breeze On By Capri, the Breeze On By Dress and the Zen Seeker Tunic to try out.  I was immediately impressed by the little details.  The capri had adorable little cutouts behind the knee for venting, and the seem on the front had a nice little detail.  On the dress there was scallops on the trim, and the same little cutout detail on the back to match the capri.  The tunic was super soft and had a really cute and stylish back.  Everything felt as good as it looked when it was on.  It also fit true to size which I appreciated.

I’ve worn all of the pieces for both yoga and barre.  Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Extremely comfortable.  I often find capris like this to be really tight and not that comfortable.  These are very stretchy and soft and they moved with me the whole time.  I was really impressed at how comfortable they are.  The tops are both really loose but still flattering.  I really liked the length of the Breeze On By Dress.  The tunic is super, super soft.  I really liked how it’s fitted in the chest but fluid in the waist.  Both tops stayed snug around my hips during yoga which was awesome!
  • Wicking.  There is nothing worse than a piece of workout gear that doesn’t keep you feeling dry.  No one likes to sit in their own sweat.  All three of these pieces did a great job at wicking the sweat away.
  • Quick drying.  This goes hand in hand with the wicking properties but all three pieces dried so quickly.  It was actually really impressive.  Kudos to Lucy for that!
  • Lightweight.  I love a workout top that’s lightweight, all three pieces were made of lightweight, stretchy material that moved with me.
  • Durable.  I’ve washed all of the pieces quite a few times now and I’ve been really impressed with the quality.  They’ve come out like brand new each time.  I haven’t had any trouble with piling or the like.  The only thing I did notice was that the drawstring on the pants pulled out in the dryer really easily.  Thankfully I was able to quickly thread it back through the waistband.  I tied a knot at the end and haven’t had a problem since.
  • Versatile.  I’m actually thinking I’ll wear the dress at the beach this summer as a cover up.  I LOVE when a piece of workout gear does double duty!  I could also see myself wearing the tunic in the summer with a pair of shorts since it was so comfortable.

I like to give an honest review and usually that means some negative feedback.  Aside from the waistband issue on the capris which turned out to be a non-issue I don’t have anything negative say.  I’ve been really impressed with the product and completely get why yoga instructors and the like rave about Lucy gear!

Lucy Activewear at the Barre!

Lucy Activewear at the Barre!

In terms of price I felt that the items were on par with the cost of other major brands.  The capris are $89, the dress was $79 but is currently on sale for $54.99 and the tunic is $59.  A little bit of an investment but certainly a quality product that would be able to own and wear regularly for years to come.

I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on the Lucy Activewear clothes at both barre and yoga classes.  I’d recommend all three items I was sent!  Be sure to check out for the latest styles and follow Lucy Activewear on Instagram for updates and more!  A huge thank you to Lucy for letting me test and review some of their latest styles!

Have you bought Lucy Activewear before?  What do you love about their products?


Any Thoughts, Suggestions or Similar Experiences?

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