Slow Down and Listen to Your Body

Two half marathons, two weekends in a row.  You’re probably wondering what I’m up to next?!  Good thing I’m here to fill you in!

While I absolutely love training for a race or chasing down my dreams (like becoming a yoga instructor last winter), I’m also human and from time to time I get tired.  And right now that’s exactly what I am.  Tired.  My body is tired and sore and mad at me for running too much.  Mentally I’m tired from being on the go and doing too much.  The truth is, I’m ready for a break.  I’m ready to SLOW down.

If you know me well, you know that I don’t slow down much.  In fact I rarely sit still.  But this feeling, this need, this desire to do less has been gnawing at me for months and I suppose it’s because I’m not giving myself what I truly need.  I started to listen back in August by blogging less and giving up my weekly yoga classes I taught.  Those decisions weren’t easy but in the end I think they were right and still continue to be the right decisions.  The problem is, that isn’t enough.  And this feeling hasn’t gone away.  You could argue that now it’s not just my mind telling me to slow down but my body is too.  So I’m going to listen.

What’s next for me is a week off from working out.  No 5 am runs in the dark and cold.  No long runs.  No yoga.  Nothing.  Just rest.  And Friday? Friday is a MUCH needed (and well deserved) massage to work out the tightness in my neck, shoulders, low back and piriformis.  It’s a chance to let go and reset both my body and mind.

Next Sunday Michael and I will head to yoga (the class where we got engaged!).  From there I plan to take more, and do more yoga.  My practice has been scattered since I became certified.  I’ve either been teaching or practicing at home, or just not practicing at all and it’s time to change that.  Plus, I think yoga is exactly what I need.  My body will appreciate the stretching, the lengthening and the strength building and mentally it will be the quiet, reflection I feel I need.  It will be an opportunity to nurture myself and restore myself.

Beyond yoga I plan to join the gym for the winter.  Last winter I toughed it out and ran in the dark and cold everyday but I just don’t have the motivation this year.  My body could use some variety so I plan to utilize the elliptical, bike and pool.  I also really want to take some classes to mix things up.  Quite a few winters ago I took classes all winter and loved it…body pump was one of my favorites.

Running will always be part of my routine so my goal will be to run once or twice a week this winter.  It’s not a lot but just enough to stay in it while giving myself a break.

I think some time off to rest and having a variety of workouts will be perfect.  I don’t plan to follow a schedule or have a set routine but rather listen to what my body and mind are telling me and adjust accordingly.  One day that might be yoga, another it may be a run or it might be a class at the gym.  And sometimes it might just be to rest and that’s ok too.  I’m truthfully really looking forward to all this.  It will be nice to not have a training plan to follow or runs that need to be done and just go with the flow.  No goals.  No plans.

How do you plan to stay fit this winter?  Will you be running and training or going with the flow like me?


4 thoughts on “Slow Down and Listen to Your Body

  1. Jolene says:

    I love this switch up idea for you and time to slow it down. I think that will be really good for you and it is something I am doing too. sloooow doooown and simplify. And I think we need to do a barre date soon, just saying 🙂 Now have a Woburn location too!! XO


  2. Lauren says:

    I’ve been thinking the same thing. My last fall race is in mid-November so I may declare December a no-running month. In the interim I want to increase/improve my yoga which I’ve totally neglected, add back in weights, go for walks and maybe even do some swimming. My body just needs a break.


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