From Running to Yoga: A Love Story!

Three years ago I decided to break out of my shell and check out a local running group one Monday evening.  I’d been living in Boston for over a year and was ready to meet new people and make new friends.  I went alone to the run so that’d I’d force myself to socialize with new people.

It was a gorgeous late summer evening.  The group headed out for a run and I ran alongside two guys.  I asked them what their pace was and they looked at me like I was crazy but said I was welcome to run with them.  As we ran along one of the guys took off and ran by himself.  I kept running with the other guy Kris.  We chatted about our jobs, Boston and our hobbies.  Every time I told Kris something about myself he would tell me that his friend Mike was into that or that I should talk to Mike about it.  After about 45 minutes of that I thought for sure I should introduce myself to Mike.

After the run the three of us stood around outside chatting for a while.  Turns out Mike liked to go by Michael and we had quite a bit in common.  For starters, we both loved half-off Tex Mex at the Pour House on Thursday nights.  As we parted ways for the evening Michael mentioned that he might see me on Thursday night but if not I’d see him on Monday.

On my way home I texted my girlfriend and insisted that we go to the Pour House for dinner Thursday night.  She obliged and our plans were set.  Thursday night came around and my girlfriend and I went to dinner.  The bar was packed so we ended up sitting downstairs.  I kept looking around for Michael and Kris but I didn’t see them.  My friend and I enjoyed our dinner and beers and started to head home for the evening.  On the way out of the bar I saw Michael and Kris.  Their backs were facing me and I paused.  This was it.  I’d have to interrupt them to say hello.  As I stood there debating what to do they turned around and said hello.  My friend had already walked out of the bar.  Moments later she came back in looking for me to find me chatting to Michael and Kris.  We spent the rest of the night hanging out and chatting.  Just as Kris had said, Michael and I had a lot to talk about!

At first Michael and I just met up for runs.  We’d run for miles just chatting and getting to know each other, then we’d stand around chatting more…never wanting to leave.  Eventually our runs turned into a run and dinner and then eventually real dates.  Over the last three years Michael has become my best friend, my biggest cheerleader and the love of my life.  We take on life’s adventures side by side and as a team.  Our weekly runs have turned into a half-marathon, then a full marathon and now yoga classes side by side…

On Sunday morning we headed to yoga at the local studio.  We’ve been friendly with the teachers and owners over the last year or so and love the studio.  We set up our mats in the back of the room and settled in for class.  I was so happy to be on the mat, lost in my own body, relaxing and flowing.  The class was a heart opening class and Becky, the teacher, had an incredible playlist for the class.  I seriously loved  As we flowed along I could help but think how happy I was to be in class.

We started to make our way to the mat and we’re lying in a twist that felt oh, so good.  In that moment the song changed and as I listened to the intro I realized what it was.  The song Marry Me by Train started to fill the room.  I laid there wondering why this song would be playing..I mean what a funny song to play in yoga class?!  And then I thought, “wouldn’t it be crazy if Michael proposed right now?!  No! He’d never do that!”.  Becky told us to come back to center and to roll to the left to twist on the other side.

I rolled to my left side and there was Michael.  He reached behind himself and handed me a note.  The note said…”OMMMMM Marry Me?” and on the tip of his finger was the most gorgeous sparkly engagement ring.  Tears filled my eyes, my heart was pounding and in that moment life felt so perfect and full of love.

The next few moments are a bit of a blur but I remember saying, “Is this real?  Are you serious?  Right now?”  Michael smiled at me and slid the ring on my finger.  There was lots of tears and kisses.  Michael finally asked, “So?”  And in that moment I simply said, “Yes.”

After a few moments we came down to the mat for savasana.  Michael and I linked hands and closed our eyes.  It may have been the most blissful few moments I’ve had.  I’m quite sure every ounce of my body was smiling.  When we came out of savasana there was champagne and flowers sitting on a block at the end of our mat and the room was filled with love…

I couldn’t be happier or more excited to spend the rest of my life with Michael! We’re getting married!


27 thoughts on “From Running to Yoga: A Love Story!

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  2. emskiruns says:

    What an absolutely gorgeous way for him to propose it’s so you two as a couple I love it!
    I hope you two continue to have an amazing life together and be as happy and in sync as you seem to be now it’s beautiful to see.


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