In The Groove

Ya’ll know I love yoga.  There is nothing like a class where the mood is right, the flow feels so good in your body and the music just helps you find your groove.  It can really change your day and your mood.   I love teaching yoga and I love it when I can give my students the class I just described above.  I love seeing my students leave with a smile on their face and I love hearing that a class felt so good.

Lately, I feel like I’ve really hit a stride with my yoga teaching.  Many of my students are beginners to yoga but are strong and fit from spinning, running and weight lifting.  It’s always challenging to create a class that caters to the beginner, challenges them so they get a good workout, gives them just a taste of the more advanced poses they can work towards if they keep with yoga and really lengthens and releases their tight, overused muscles. I feel like I’ve finally figured out what stretches they really need and what kind of poses they like to be challenged with.  It’s fun to create these classes!

Now that I’ve been teaching for a few months consistently I’m feeling more and more comfortable with my voice as the instructor and striking that balance between authority and relaxation.  I’ve really figured out how to cue specific poses and love seeing a student hear a cue and completely transform a pose.  And now that I’ve mixed up my rights and lefts enough I’m really getting those down and am able to mirror so much more easily now.  The space makes more sense to me too and can really help me lead the class. It feels good to be confident in my teaching.

To help my students find the groove and relax I like to incorporate music into my classes.  I keep it low so the focus is on the breath and they can easily hear me.  I just love how it can set the mood for a class.   I’ve made a ton of playlists in the last few months but I really like this one that I’ve been using as of late.  It’s a 45 minute playlist-my class immediately follows a spin class so we keep it short so students will be more apt to get stick around for yoga too.  Check out the playlist and if you know of similar music I might like please share it in the comments!  And don’t be afraid to re-create the playlist so you can flow and groove on your own!

FitYoga Playlist!

FitYoga Playlist!

Do you like music while you practice?  Are you a fan of any of the songs on this playlist?


9 thoughts on “In The Groove

  1. hallejfrey says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your playlist. I am also new to teaching yoga and always love to see what other teachers are doing in their classes. Sounds like you enjoy yoga and teaching as much as I do. So awesome!


  2. Christine says:

    Love this Whitney and love that you are coming into your own as a teacher – comfortable and confident. I do like to practice with music and this sounds like a great playlist! This makes me really excited as I’m moving closer to starting my teacher training journey!


  3. Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog says:

    You sound like you’re a wonderful teacher! Happy to hear you are finding your own “voice”. One of my favorite things about yoga is how different instructors make each class unique. I have my favorites, but I love to mix it up to get something different too.


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