Running, Training and Fall Races

I have to be honest with you.  My running has been lack luster lately.  It’s intermittent and some weeks I hardly get out for a run.  I know it’s because I’ve been busy, traveling a lot and feeling out of my normal routine.  But those are really just excuses.  Friday morning I went out for a 3 mile run.  It felt great to be out running but 2 miles in I felt winded and tired.  The run felt hard and later in the day my quads were sore.  I don’t really need a bigger sign than that to realize I’m out of shape.  My one or two workouts a week in addition to teaching my 2 yoga classes a week is just not enough.

Truthfully though I miss my weekly runs, heading out with the sunrise and feeling incredible as I put in 8 miles before the world even wakes up.  I miss feeling strong and light, like the way running makes me feel not just while I’m running but during my daily activities.  I miss running consistently and regularly.  Most of all I miss running with a goal in mind.  It’s so easy to just run 3 miles instead of 5 when I’m not training for something.  On rainy mornings when I’m tired, it’s so easy to just get some extra rest.  I’m ready to train for a race and prepare to reach a goal.

I knew I needed a break from running and goals.  I consciously made the decision not to train for a spring race or sign up for another training.  I wanted time to settle in to my job and teaching yoga regularly and adjust to this new life I created.  I wanted  a break from looking forward to accomplishing something and wanted to live in the now.  I knew when I was ready I’d want to train for something and be excited and motivated to make it happen.  And that’s just what’s happened.  I feel rested and ready.

This weekend I signed up for the Maine Half- Marathon in Portland, Maine on October 6th.  And I plan to register and run the B.A.A. Half- Marathon the following weekend, October 13th.  That race usually sells out fast so I’m hopeful I’ll get a spot like I have in years past.  I’m looking forward to back to back races!  I do have a goal time in mind BUT I have a long way to get there so I’m keeping it to myself for now and will look to set a realistic goal when my training plan officially starts.


So what is my plan? What will my training look like?  Well, my plan for now is to build a strong base.  I’ve been running 3 or 4 miles about 2 or 3 times a week since last fall.  I’m planning to slowly increase my mileage and running consistently 3 or 4 days a week.  I’ll build my base for about the next month and then in mid-July I’ll begin my training plan with long runs, speed workouts, hill workouts and recovery runs so I’ll be all prepped and ready for race day!

I’m still ironing out the details of my training plan but as soon as it’s ready you know I’ll be sharing it!  I’m so excited to be training for a race and running regularly again!

What does your summer training plan look like?  What fall races are you planning to run?


18 thoughts on “Running, Training and Fall Races

  1. Christine says:

    I’ve been feeling very much the same way about running lately. Lackluster is definitely the word to describe it and I had a very similar run on Monday. Looking forward to a goal might be the thing I need (and a little break first). Good luck in your training!!


  2. janieliz19 says:

    I always have to have a race in the future or I really lose my motivation to run! I totally understand 🙂 I am doing Dumbo Double Dare at Disneyland at the end of August, followed by Wine+Dine at Disney World in November – that’s what I’m training for! Maine and the BAA half are both on my “someday” list, though. I might sign up for the Cape Cod half in October too – I’ve heard really good things and the Disney races are not a place to get a PR!


  3. imarunner2012 says:

    Hi, I’ve run the BAA Half and Maine Marathon. Both are good races. I imagine the Maine Half is great also.
    I’m training for Bay State in October. Maybe it just seems too far away, but I’m not feeling terribly motivated lately. I have a lot of work to do but it is a major effort to get out there and do it.
    Good luck with your training. I hope you find your mojo!


  4. Lauren says:

    I echo your sentiments concerning running goals. I ran a half marathon back in March and afterwards I just didn’t really know what to do with myself. I’m getting married this month so I didn’t want to add a spring race on top of it but without the training plan my running just sort of falls flat. I ended up compromising with myself by printing out a training plan AS IF I’m preparing for a half and then sort of follow along so that I know at the very least I’m maintaining what I built up back in March. It’s such a frustrating feeling to realize that the speed you developed in fall/winter can be gone so quickly if you’re not careful. Good luck with your training plan!


  5. epkwrsmith says:

    I have an upcoming surgery that will put me out of commission for 2 weeks at least…dr.’s orders 😦 This week I feel like I’m running with no goal since I know those 2 weeks will knock me back some. It feels good in some ways but like I’m missing out in others. I told my husband I may go crazy during my 2 weeks of being off my feet 😦 I’ve been planning some on the floor stretching, yoga etc…unless the pesky dr. nixes that as well!!! Funny how addicted we become to running…and miss it when we can’t get around to it for whatever reason 😛


  6. Beth @ Running with the Sunrise says:

    Good luck with half marathon training! I agree that having a race really helps you to stick with running; otherwise, it’s easier to be lazy and sleep in. Slowly building your base before starting your training program is an excellent idea. 🙂 My summer training is filled with runs leading up to a marathon in late September…lots of mileage!


  7. Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog says:

    Good luck on your training and congrats on getting ready to get back out there. I know I enjoy running more (or I should say find it more fulfilling/easier at times) when I’m training for something and have a specific goal in mind. It helps keep me focused and gives me something to look forward to.


  8. Emily says:

    Good luck in your training!! Like you, my training has been super lack luster, I actually just wrote about the same thing on my blog. Today is my first day back.


  9. Stacey says:

    Best wishes in your goal. I know that feeling! My goals were to run my first half.Completed- although not so nicely/easy. Our first was canceled due to a snow storm (we trained all summer and fall) the race we ended up in was very hilly and although we trained in some hills were not quite prepared for that challenging course. Also ran a Tough Mudder. Now want a quiet summer of working on some speed etc keeping a base of 6 miles then contemplating a half in the fall. Happy running!


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