Product Review: iPanema Flip-Flops

Memorial Day is the official start to summer right?  So it’s appropriate to be loving flip-flops, picking out bikini’s and planning beach days right?  Ok good because that’s exactly what I’ve been up to!

I love a good beach day and each summer I find myself looking for the perfect bikini with coordinating cover ups and matching flip-flops.  The lovely folks at In Style Swimwear reached out to me just as I was starting my quest for the perfect beach ensemble.  Susan offered to send me a pair of iPanema flip-flops to review as they are relatively new to the US and just catching on.  She also told me she thought they were more comfortable than Havaianas.  Yes, she really said that.  I have a few pairs of Havaianas in my closet which I love so I was up for the challenge.


iPanema Flip-Flops

Susan sent me a pair of classic black flip-flops to try and I have to admit I love them.  Why?  The molded foot bed.  They have thin straps which I like and a classic runner rubber sole but the minute I put them on I knew they were different.  I love how the heel cups my heel and there are molded spots for my toes.  It makes standing on them for extended periods of time that much more comfortable.  I’ve been wearing mine in the kitchen when we cook and find them supportive.  

iPanema Flip-Flops

iPanema Flip-Flops

Since I’m new to the iPanema brand Susan sent along some more details about them…

Named after Rio de Janeiro’s famous Brazilian beach town, iPANEMA Flip-Flops exude the fun, lively spirit of Brazil in each style and design.  Unlike typical rubber thong sandals, iPANEMA Flip-Flops are made from a special Flexpand material.  Not only is Flexpand extremely durable, it has amazing flexibility, which gives the sandals their unique comfort and allows the designers to really get creative during the design process.  Furthermore, all iPANEMA Flip-Flops are hypo-allergenic and 100% recyclable, making them especially friendly for both the environment and those with sensitive skin!

iPanema flip-flops retails for about $20.00 and can be ordered online at In Style Swimwear.  While you are there be sure to check out In Style Swimwear’s wide variety of bikinis, takinis, and more along with cover ups, hats, and beach bags!  They literally have everything you need to look your best for the beach day you’ve been waiting for! I’ll certainly be wearing my iPanema flip-flops to the beach and all over town this summer!

Disclaimer: I was given a pair of iPanema Flip-Flops in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and may or may not reflect those of In Style Swimwear.

Have you worn iPanema Flip-Flops before?  Are you looking for a new pair of flip-flops for your beach days?


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