Product Review: Ahnu Karma for Women Footwear

Remember a month or so ago when I posted this to Instagram?

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 6.54.23 PM

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The awesome people over at Ahnu Footwear sent me a pair of their yoga inspired shoes to test out and review.  I’ve seen the ads for these shoes in Yoga Journal every month and was definitely curious.  I picked out the silver-colored ones so I could wear them with just about anything and anxiously awaited for the box to show up at my door.

Ahnu Karma

When the box came I found a cute pair of flats made with high quality, supple and soft leather and a micro-fiber suede sole that was so soft.  I immediately slipped them on and was pleasantly surprised and impressed with how comfortable the shoes were!  The footbed is sculpted and my foot felt supported and cushioned.  I love that the heel is stretchy and soft.  The shoes pack so nicely and the stretchy heel ensures that I won’t get any blisters.  It also makes them incredibly comfortable to drive in.  The elastic in the heel and the criss-cross straps help to keep the shoe securely on my foot.  The toe box is nice and wide which I think makes them more comfortable.  I also love how open the shoes are, it makes them the perfect shoe for spring!

Ahnu Karma

Ahnu Karma

I’ve been wearing my Karma’s every where.  They are perfect to wear to the yoga studio since they are so comfortable and slip on and off so easily. I’ve been wearing on the weekends a ton too.  I wear them at home as I run up and down the stairs to do laundry or clean the house because they are so comfortable and supportive.  I’m always wearing them with my jeans to head to the grocery store, or run errands since they keep me comfortable when I’m on my feet for hours.  I’ve even mixed them with dress pants and worn them to work when I just want to be comfortable.  I didn’t take them with me when I went to DC and I wished I had more than once! I’ll definitely be wearing them when I head to San Diego at the end of this month…they are perfect for walking around and sightseeing but will also make going through security that much easier!

Ahnu Karma

Be sure to check out Ahnu footwear in Yoga Journal, online at and on Facebook and Twitter!

Disclaimer:  I was given a pair of Ahnu Karma’s in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own and may or may not reflect those of Ahnu Footwear.  

Tell me, do you own Ahnu shoes? Do you love them?


6 thoughts on “Product Review: Ahnu Karma for Women Footwear

  1. Ronnie Coates says:

    Hello, a few questions …what happens to these shoes when you are in a hot sweaty yoga class? Are these shoes compromised by water? how do you clean them? Thanks so much, Ronnie


  2. charlottepb says:

    I dont but the picture shows alot of give by your toes, did they slip around? I’m always on the look out for my perfect pair of shoes, I have pair of Teva sandles that I adore but living in the uk means they are not suitable all year round! Your new shoes do look cute and comfortable.


  3. Amy! says:

    I have really wide feet and most flats and sandals are horrible for me. I get the WORST blisters in almost all shoes (I stick with Tevas in the summer) and I’ve been searching for a good pair of flats – maybe these would work. Your feet seem to fit well, but I’m assuming you aren’t wide-footed – any thoughts?


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