Healthy Living On the Road and With Busy Days!

Life has been busy lately to say the least. But it’s a good kind of busy.  Now that the Nike Women’s Half has come and gone it’s a new season at work to recruit for and prepare for which has us all working late and working hard.  Life at home is just a busy thanks to the arrival of spring and this weekend was all sorts of productive.

I’ve hardly sat still since I left for DC and true workouts have been hard to fit in.  I’m not stressing though.  Workouts are coming in new and different forms.  Walking and standing for hours while in DC…that’s a workout.  Ripping out an entire garden, transplanting flowers, trimming tree branches…that’s a workout.

Walking from Site to Site Can Keep You Healthy While Traveling!

Walking from Site to Site Can Keep You Healthy While Traveling!

When life gets busy or I head out on vacation I don’t stress about my workouts.  Usually when I’m going on vacation it’s an opportunity to rest and relax…enjoy a slower pace if you will.  I usually skip my run or yoga and opt for some extra walking from site to site or take in the scenery through bike rides, hikes or other fun excursions!  I figure I’m in a new place so it’s a chance to try new workouts too.  When life is busy and I’m running from one place to the next I adjust my workouts as necessary.  Sometimes I’ll skip my morning run to get some extra sleep and will run at lunch time.  Other times if I’m going to be running from one place to the next I won’t worry about fitting a workout in.  And sometimes I will hit the mat for a shorter, easier yoga session to help me relax and stretch my extra tight muscles.  It’s awesome to be able to make time for an hour workout everyday but that isn’t always feasible.  In the absence of my usual routine I look for ways and avenues to keep my self moving and get some extra exercise…be it in the garden or walking from site to site.

While I skip the workout stress I don’t skip the healthy meals.  In fact, if I know I’m missing out on my normal runs and mat time I put more of a focus on my meals.  I try to reach for more fruit, salads and healthy meals that keep me energized when I’m traveling or extra busy.  Heavy, unhealthy foods leave me feeling sluggish and bloated and unlike myself.  Of course I let myself indulge here or there but I keep an eye on my portions and try to make breakfast and lunch as healthy as possible.





When I was in DC I didn’t go for one run or hit the mat once but I did walk everywhere, spend hours on my feet and kept myself moving for days.  In fact I was sore and tired when I got home! I kept my meals as healthy as possible…lots of fruit, eggs, salads and more.  This past week I stuck to our healthy meals at home and skipped the take out even though it seemed like it would be easier. I found my way to the mat for a restorative yoga session, spent hours in the garden with Michael and got extra rest at night so I could make the most of my busy days.

Healthy living doesn’t always have to be hours at the gym, yoga and runs.  It can be organic and untraditional workouts too.  Healthy eating should always be part of the equation and should be even more of a priority when life gets busy, it will help keep you feeling energized and good through those busy days.

It’s been about a week and a half since I left for DC and got back…I’m finally getting out for a run today and back on to my normal schedule but I don’t feel heavy or out of shape.  I feel great and can’t wait to hit the pavement!

Tell me, how do you stay active and healthy when traveling or extra busy?


10 thoughts on “Healthy Living On the Road and With Busy Days!

  1. Jen@HealthyFoodandFamily says:

    It took me a long time to realize just how horrible certain foods made me feel. I always used vacation or eating out as an excuse to eat high calorie, high fat, and always, always high fried foods. Once I realized how nasty and sluggish my body was and how much better it works on cleaner foods, things are getting easier and I’m definitely reaching for an apple instead of chocolate in the afternoons.


  2. Josh Carter says:

    I love trying the local fresh produce at the different places that I vacation. Like when my wife and I went on our anniversary vacation this past month, we went to Jamaica. While we were there, we made it a point to eat as much of the local fruit as possible. And it was great. We always try to walk as many places as we can too. Thanks for the post!


  3. Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more on all of this! Sometimes I forget that doing other things such as cleaning, gardening, etc. do count as a workout. It makes being “busy” not a reason to skip being active. Food is so important too. It really can make the difference between feeling well while traveling and not.


  4. sweetsnbeets says:

    I love your laid back attitude about getting work outs in during busy times. I do the same and try to consider hours walking during travel my workouts. On really stressful work days I sometimes skip the gym/super sweat session and walk home. Clearing my mind can be a mental “exercise” too.


  5. Kylie says:

    This is such a positive way to look at straying from your usual workout routine! I, too, try to eat as clean as possible because it keeps me feeling energized and like myself. As for exercise, I tend to do short, easy runs in the early morning because I can explore the place that I’m in in solitude! 🙂


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