Boston Marathon on the Other Side

Today, I’m experiencing Boston on the other side.  Last year it was my turn to conquer those famous 26.2 miles, this year I’m pretty excited to be on the spectator side.  Last year the spectators and support on the course was incredible.  The temperatures were sweltering but the spectators stood out there cheering us on, handing us ice cubes and frozen sponges and showering us with their garden hoses.  In fact I pretty much ran from garden hose to garden hose to stay cool.  The smiles, and cheers and hand squeezes made those challenging moments just a little bit easier.  And the Team In Training volunteers who were there almost every mile to cheer us on, give us salt packets and encourage us…amazing.

The Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon

So this year I’m excited to be out there and giving back.  I hope my cheers will help someone through a challenging mile, and the GU and water at mile stops 10 and 15 will help fuel someone through those 26.2 miles.  I’m looking forward to cheering on the Team In Training runners as the run in honor and memory of loved ones much like I did last year because they are really adding the most meaning to those miles.

If you are in Boston be sure to take some time to cheer on those runners! If you’re not check out, for the most up to date race results.  I have no doubt that Twitter will be full of updates and Instagram full of photos!  I’ll be at mile 10 and mile 15 throughout most of the day before heading down to the finish…if you are near by stop by!

Tell me your favorite Boston Marathon memory! Where will you be on race day?!


8 thoughts on “Boston Marathon on the Other Side

  1. Jolene says:

    Reading this now, in hindsight, wow, wow, wow, if this had been your year to race this marathon, I can’t even fathom. I am so very glad you are safe and that you DID get to experience this race from the other side and pay it forward. XOXO


  2. lothealian says:

    I can not believe there was a bombing at the Boston Marathon. Your fans far away would appreciate knowing you are ok. My thoughts are with everyone there today and their families.


  3. Jess Sutera says:

    LOVE that you get to see the race from the other side this year, paying it forward in a way. SO fun. I totally wish I was there this year but instead I’m stuck at work. Boo!! Enjoy!!


  4. Mary McManus says:

    I will be at the Mandarin Oriental with Spaulding Rehab’s Race for Rehab team. I am so excited you’d think I was running it again. Have a phenomenal day Whitney and it is cool to be on the other side. I will be in the room where my teammates waited for Team McManus to come down Boylston Street four years ago today and the room where I wore my warming blanket and medal as I addressed the crowd gathered after I conquered not only 26.2 miles but post polio syndrome!


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