Running Ramblings

I pretty much have a constant conversation going through my head about running.  It truly never stops.  So today, I thought I’d share the conversation with you because really, a conversation is more fun when other people are involved.  Mostly because it makes it a real conversation rather than me talking to myself…

Moving on to my running ramblings…

Running in moist, wet air is so much better than the cold dry air we had to endure all winter.  Running without wheezing?! So awesome!  I’m loving my morning runs now that it’s warm (er), the air is better and most of all the sun starts to rise about 10 minutes into my run!  And not wearing 2 layers and a jacket is feels so good.

I really need to come up with a rough training plan to follow.  I’ve been heading out for easy runs for months now and my pace is reflecting that.  My legs feel tired and slow too.  I’m tired of seeing 9:15 minute/miles.  I know I’m faster than that and I want to be faster too.  I need to add in some speed work and tempo runs.  Now that the weather is getting warmer I’m more motivated to stay out for longer too.  I’d like to add in some long runs too.  A 10 miler always feels good.  And if I’m going to go for a 10 miler maybe I need to find a half to sign up for in late June.  My running needs a shake up that’s for sure!

Why is it that when you need new running shoes you NEED new running shoes NOW?  Last week I had that first inclination that my shoes were starting to die.  I held off on getting shoes right away and this week I’ve been feeling my planter fasciitis flaring up.  After a rather uncomfortable 3 miler the other day I headed out for new shoes that morning.  I tried some new brands but in the end went with my favorite, Mizuno Wave Inspire.  They got me through 2 marathons healthy so why fix what’s not broken? Plus, I kind of dig the bright blue and green.  Happiness in a running shoe? I think so!

Yay! New Running Shoes!

Yay! New Running Shoes!

Can you believe that Boston Marathon is on Monday?! And that a year ago I was heading to the expo to pick up my own bib? It seems like just yesterday I was compulsively checking the weather and beginning to fear the 90 degree temps before crossing the start line in Hopkinton.  I felt so proud of myself when I crossed that finish line on Boylston Street. The marathon took so much determination and sheer grit to get through, I don’t think there will ever be another race like that one for me.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad to be on the other side of the race this year.  I know on race day I’ll be wishing I was on the course with those runners.  It’s times like these that let me know I have some more marathons in me…and definitely another Boston Marathon!

Boston Marathon Finish!

Boston Marathon Finish!

Can you believe the marathon is on Monday?  Are you enjoying the warmer weather for running? Update me on your runninG!


10 thoughts on “Running Ramblings

  1. imarunner2012 says:

    I feel the same way. Loving the weather, can’t believe the marathon is Monday and I’m so sad I’m not going to run it this year.
    I’m setting my sights on the Bay State Marathon in Lowell this year.
    I am going to the expo w/ my buddy who is running. Looking for a good deal on a new Garmin watch!


  2. Leigha says:

    This warmer weather just makes me want to run! My first half is in May 🙂 I’m looking for a pair of shoes but I have no idea what to get! I can NOT make decisions. I just got into running around last year so I’m not quite up to speed on the BM. So cool that you ran it! That’s a huge deal, right?!


  3. Andy Green says:

    It is so interesting comparing issues in another country. Here in the UK we have all been praying for the seemingly interminable winter (with nothing but cold damp days) to finish so we could get to the drier days of spring and summer. In contrast you have been looking forward to some greater humidity and a relief from wheezing.
    Still, we rarely have too much time without pretty high humidity – summer or winter.
    Good luck in your marathon.


  4. Sonia Orban-Price (@themexigarian) says:

    I’m looking into training plans for my first marathon in the winter. Hello CIM! I honestly never heard of Boston Marathon until a couple years ago when I started doing the Big Sur races and saw a Boston to Big Sur marathon medal. Then I was intrigued. I could only dream about doing Boston and then do Big sur??? Oiye. For now, train for and survive my first. haha.

    I love new running shoes. I currently have 2 pairs of different ones. My love affair with Brooks Gylcerin continues and my relationship with Mizuno is finally smoothing out. For a while there I was thinking of returning mine, but I believe I finally broke them in.


  5. Jess Sutera says:

    I can’t believe marathon Monday is almost here either! I distinctly remember watching at mile 26 as runners passed by and I was totally honored to be in their presence, totally amazed at their endurance and commitment to that last mile and thought to myself ‘how on EARTH will I ever do what these people just did??’ — it was the most inspiring way to get my mind settled and centered for my own marathon in the fall. I SO wish I could watch it again this year but I have to work, boo!!!


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