What I Ate Wednesday #72

I love new months when it comes to food.  It gives me a chance to mentally reset.  Last month I kept finding myself reaching for chocolate around 3pm.  It wasn’t a habit I really felt proud of it.  To start this month on the right foot I set an alarm on my phone for 3pm.  It’s a reminder to stop what I’m doing a reach for a healthy snack. I was always really good about this at my last job but with my new job I’m so busy that I don’t always notice the time or my hunger cravings.  Hopefully the alarm will help!

April is also a new theme for What I Ate Wednesday!  This month we are serving up an extra cup of veggies! Now that’s my kind of month!


Breakfast has been random these days.  Some days it’s a mini bagel with cream cheese or a waffle or scrambled eggs.  If I have time to make eggs, they are always my go to! Friday was a morning off with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Scrambled Eggs, a Waffle,  Meatless Sausage and Coconut Coffee

Scrambled Eggs, a Waffle, Meat-less Sausage and Coconut Macaroon Coffee

Today, it’s an egg sandwich on the run…I’m heading to NYC for work meetings all day!


This isn’t so much of a lunch as it is snacks for a full day.  I’m taking the train (very early I might add…it was 4am when I got up!) to NYC for work meetings and then grabbing a 5pm train home…it will be a long day.  We’ll have lunch during our meetings but I like to be prepared for a full day.  I packed a banana, an apple, yogurt and granola, nuts and rice cakes with peanut butter.

Lunch and Snacks

Hopefully this will keep me full and satisfied throughout the day!


Saturday was date night in.  We made homemade pizza and salad (in new bowls!) and watched Lincoln.  It was simple but tasted so good!

Homemade Pizza and Salad with Artichokes and Sun-dried Tomatoes

This week we had tacos with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese.  I also made homemade guacamole. It’s one of my favorite dinners that comes together in no time at all!

Homemade Turkey Tacos


More Skinny Cow…what can I say? I love it!

Skinny Cow

Skinny Cow

As always, many thanks to Jen at Peas and Crayons for hosting the party!

What snacks do you pack for a long day traveling?  What is your favorite date night dinner?


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