What I Ate Wednesday #71

My eating habits were really thrown off last week because Michael was sick.  It’s far less fun to cook dinner, eat dinner and clean up dinner by yourself.  Normally dinner is one of my favorite parts of the day.  I love coming home, putting comfy clothes on, cooking dinner and chatting about our days with Michael.  I ended up making quick and easy meals with the ingredients in the fridge.  I went out to lunch twice last week (which I NEVER do), and since I worked from 6am to 3pm on Saturday and was on my feet all day my eating habits were completely thrown off.  This week I’m focusing on getting back on track, and cleaning out the fridge.  Since Michael hardly ate last week and we had lunches and dinners for two we had a full fridge.  We decided to use things up and clean out the fridge before heading to the grocery store again.



Monday morning I was up early, got my run in and was ready for work extra early.  I made myself scrambled eggs with swiss cheese, rye toast and strawberries for breakfast and drank my coffee out of a real mug.  I even got to watch the Today Show while I ate…it was so nice. 

Scrambled Eggs, Rye Toast, Strawberries and Coffee

Scrambled Eggs, Rye Toast, Strawberries and Coffee

I’ve been obsessed with Archer Farms Coconut Macaroon coffee.  It’s so good and instantly makes my morning better!


I’ve been bored with lunches and have been trying to mix things up.  I thought treating myself to lunch out last week would solve my problem, thankfully it did but it took two days.  This week I’m getting back on track.  This week I’ve had some Lentil soup, baby carrots and hommus, bananas, oranges, yogurt and nuts.

Lentil Soup, Carrots, Hummus, Orange, Yogurt and Nuts.  Homemade Kombucha.

Lentil Soup, Carrots, Hummus, Orange, Yogurt and Nuts. Homemade Kombucha.

One of my favorite things to sip on throughout the day has been my homemade kombucha.  I made a strawberry flavored batch and it’s so good!  I love how good kombucha makes me feel.


Dinners been veggie filled!  Sunday night we made Alexa Onion Rings, Veggies burgers with sautéed mushrooms and onions and cheddar cheese.  Sunday was such a lazy day, I was craving something really yummy and a burger sounded just right to me!  Monday night we made quinoa with beef stir fry.  Into the stir fry went snow peas, carrots, red and green peppers, carrots and mushrooms.  It was so delicious!

Veggie Burger and Onion Rings.  Beef Stir Fry with Quinoa.

Veggie Burger and Onion Rings. Beef Stir Fry with Quinoa.


Let’s talk sweets shall we? I’ve been obsessed, obsessed with ice cream and chocolate. Skinny Cow ice cream has been my go to. It’s not too high in fat and calories and satisfies my sweet tooth.


Skinny Cow

What kind of cheese do you like on your eggs? What is you favorite flavor of kombucha? What do you like in your stir fry? Are you a fan of Skinny Cow Ice Cream?


5 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #71

  1. Elizabeth @ livingrunningcooking says:

    I am a cheddar girl! Just love it. I really like goat cheese, but haven’t experimented with adding it to eggs! I LOVE LOVE ice cream. I got an ice cream maker for my birthday a few years ago and have only bought it a few times since. I love playing with flavors. My current favorite is blackberry red wine.


  2. Leigha says:

    Oooh.. swiss with scrambled eggs sounds awesome! I love not being rushed at breakfast. My lunches are the same – leftovers and fruit and hummus! I see Skinny Cow everywhere. is it good? Looks like it!


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