Product Review: Queensboro Custom Apparel

A couple of months ago Queensboro Custom Apparel reached out to me.  I’d always thought I should get a custom fleece with my blog name on it to wear to yoga classes and races to give the ‘ole blog some extra promotion.  So when Melissa reached out to me asking me if I’d like to work with their design team I was completely on board.  And really excited.

Melissa asked me to choose from a fleece zip up, a bag or capri pants to have my logo embroidered on.  The capri pants were part of a line by Bella Activewear available for customization.  All of the products were really nice but I felt the fleece would be best for my needs and wants.  I had my full choice of colors but went with black since it goes with everything!

I sent over my blog header and business card so they would have a sense of what my blog design looks like.  Their design team created a logo for custom embroidery for me.  One thing I really liked about this process was that I got an email every time they had an update about my order.  When there was a logo for me to check out I had an email in my inbox with ACTION NEEDED in the subject line…hard to miss! In the email was a link that took me to an online form with 3 logo options. I could choose my favorite and then leave any comments or suggestions.  They kept working on the logo until I was happy with it.  Once I selected my logo, it was sent for embroidery and then mailed to me.

Logo by Queensboro

Logo by Queensboro

My fleece came in the mail all nicely wrapped in tissue paper.  I was really excited to check out the final product and was really happy with how the embroidery came out!  The fleece is of great quality and super soft.  I’ve definitely been wearing it quite a bit! I love to throw it over top my favorite Athleta gear when I’m heading to teach an early morning yoga class and am sad to be leaving my warm bed.  I’ve also been wearing it around town, to my teams practices at work and on walks to stay warm.

Queensboro Fleece

Custom Embroidery Fleece

The logo has been noticed by more than a few people and is a great way to start a conversation about my blog and give out some business cards.  It is such a simple thing to wear a fleece but it has certainly helped to bring some more attention to my blog!

Loving My Queensboro Fleece!

Loving My Queensboro Fleece!

A huge thank you to Queensboro for the opportunity to work with them and my custom fleece.  I love it! If you are looking for some custom apparel for your own blog I definitely recommend Queensboro, not only were they easy to work with but they have great prices and high quality products to choose from for your custom embroidery.

Do you have custom apparel for your blog or business?  What has your custom apparel experience been like?


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