Homemade Kombucha Part 2!

Just over two weeks ago I started making my own homemade kombucha.   I left off here with the fermentation process, and promised to check back in after 14-28 days.

For the last couple weeks I left the jar of kombucha sitting in front of the heater wrapped in foil and towels.  It kept it at a steady 70F so the ‘buch could ferment.  I checked on the growing Scoby almost everyday.  The dark line in the Scoby is actually yeast which is a natural by-product.  I was so nervous about mold growing but thankfully that wasn’t a problem I faced.  After a two weeks I started tasting the ‘buch everyday so I could bottle it when it tasted just right.  I opted to bottle when it was starting to have a slight sour taste but was still slightly sweet.

Kombucha Part 2

Kombucha Part 2

Once it was ready to bottle I took the cloth off the top and using clean hands I removed the Scoby and put it in a container with about 2 cups of kombucha to store it.  I then poured off the ‘buch into the amber growlers to flavor.

Kombucha Flavoring

Kombucha Flavoring

I flavored each bottle slightly different. In one I added raisins which gave it a nice grape flavor.  I made one jar blueberry flavored and the other strawberry.  I left them on the counter to ferment for a few more hours before putting them in the fridge.

The ‘buch is all ready for drinking now!  I had the raisin flavored bottle the other day and it was delicious! I’m excited to try the blueberry and strawberry flavors soon.  I plan to start making another batch of kombucha this weekend  and really look forward to playing with the flavoring again!

Have you ever made homemade kombucha? How have you flavored it? Any tips or recommendations for flavoring my kombucha?


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