What I Ate Wednesday #68!

I love that WIAW is going GREEN for March!  It truly seems fitting considering Michael and I are really increasing the vegetables and cutting back on the carbs.  Notice I saw cutting back on the carbs not cutting OUT the carbs.  Michael and I both strongly agree in moderation.  He’s trying to lose some weight and well, I’m just being supportive.  We’ve been opting for wraps (Flat Out ones in case you were wondering), sandwich thins for burgers and taco salad instead of tacos and quesadillas.  I like the shift in our diet and feel better with less carbs.  Plus I get to indulge in my love of veggies which is a win if you ask me!


In the name of moderation Michael decided that he wanted french toast on Sunday.  Yes it’s a carb but it’s not something we eat often and it happens to be one of my favorite breakfast foods so I’m not going to argue.  We bought cinnamon swirl brioche bread, you know in an effort to make it extra delicious since it was a treat.  Along with fruit salad this breakfast was extra good. On Monday I had a couple scrambled eggs with truffle oil, a piece of brioche bread (since I’m not the one trying to lose weight I figure it’s my duty to consume the rest of the bread) and fruit salad.  Also delicious.  I’m loving the fruit salad this week.



I also am loving my coffee with coconut milk.


Lunch has been a good mixture of leftovers.  We had homemade Pho for dinner on Saturday so I had some leftovers for lunch. We’ve also been using leftover salad with chicken in a wrap.  I had some leftover soup too.  The new sides and snacks are carrots with hommus, almonds, apples and yogurt.




On Sunday we made veggie burgers with a grilled portobello mushroom on a sandwich thin and a huge salad.  Last week we had haddock, green beans, beets and salad for dinner.  I love how full of veggies our dinners have been, it’s so good!  I will say that meal planning has been a bit challenging.  Michael and I realize now how much we relied on carbs as a base for our dinners.  I need to look up some low carb meal ideas…if you have suggestions leave them in the comments please!



I’m totally loving beets lately.  You can expect to see more of those on my plate!

What is your favorite breakfast to indulge in? What meals do you love that are low carb?


6 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #68!

  1. kadeecramer says:

    Love the portobello mushroom idea! I once used one to make a “pizza” It had to be eaten with a fork but it tasted really good.


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