A Running Update!

It seems like it’s been awhile since we chatted about running here and with spring almost upon us I’m starting to think more about my miles and look forward to my runs a bit more.  Winter has always been a tough season for me to run and honestly it probably always will be.  The darkness, tricky weather conditions like rain, sleet, snow and ice and the cold are enough to keep me buried under the covers.

I spent most of December, January and February making the most of it.  Morning runs are always best for me so throughout most of the winter I kept a good eye on the weather and planned to run on the best days possible.  Occasionally when the alarm went off at 5am and the bedroom was freezing I would rolled over for some extra rest and head out for a run on my lunch break.  In the end I had a good combination of morning runs and afternoon runs.  On average I probably ran 3 times a week but February, with its cold and snow, had me out running more like 2 times a week.  I usually ran only 3 or 4 miles…it was just long enough for me to get some cardio in but not long enough for me to freeze!

Now that the snow is melting, the mornings are lighter and the air warmer I’ve been loving my morning runs again.  I find myself getting right out of bed to head out and considered running last Friday even though it was a rest day!   I’ve been increasing my mileage slowly.  During the week I’ve been getting in a couple 4 mile runs and then every other week I’ve been doing a 6 mile long run.  It feels good to be running long.  As the weather continues to get better I’m planning to up my mileage a bit more.  Ideally I’d love to do a 3.5 mile run, a 5 mile run and a 7 miler each week.  I feel like that schedule would be completely manageable with yoga and everything else.  I’d also like to add a speed workout or tempo run in each week.  I love the feeling of working hard while I’m running.  My pace has also slowed this winter and I’d like to get back to my 8:15 min/mile.  I think my slower pace is a result of running in the darkness, snow and ice.  When I run in the daylight my pace is almost :45 seconds/mile faster.  Running faster is something I’ve been thinking about but I don’t plan to stress about it.

For a month or so I was feeling a little down about running because I wasn’t sure what races I wanted to do this year.  I still don’t know what races I want to do but I am loving my runs more.  I feel like I’ve struck a good balance between running, yoga and teaching.  The last thing I want is to be stressed about my runs or workouts.  My other thought is that adding in a long run and tempo run will help to get me in half marathon shape, so if I decided to do one I won’t need months to build up to it.

Like always, I’m just happy to be out running!  It’s kind of nice to not have a plan right now and just go with the flow.  I love the “me” time running gives me and when I’m ready I’ll pick a race to start training for!

What is your running status as we head into spring?


8 thoughts on “A Running Update!

  1. Jolene says:

    Totally on the same page with this! I felt like I just tried to maintain some runs and miles this winter but am SO READY for outdoor runs and more distance!! Can’t come soon enough!


  2. Jess Sutera says:

    Holy same wavelength. I just posted on a similar topic today — I’ve actually decided I’m totally ok with how my running has evolved. I’m legit just happy TO run, whenever I can fit it in and for however long. This summer I fully expect to run more since it’ll be light out earlier and stuff, but for now, totally cool with 2-3 times per week at 5-7 miles per run. SUCH a big change from training mode but I’m digging it! Glad you are too 🙂


  3. Diann says:

    Love this. After being way too infrequent with running (and pretty much everything else) for months, I’m gearing up again and it feels so great. This time of year is so dual-sided: On the one hand, I’m soooo done with winter and feeling its sluggish effects, and on the other hand, spring is in sight, so I’m feeling the excitement build.


  4. Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog says:

    This sounds a lot like where I am with running right now. I actually took a break from it for the month of February, but I’m ready to start training for some races! I have a 10-miler scheduled for May and a 1/2 in August. My legs are getting the itch… 🙂


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