Loving Versus Living

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have the day of from work.  There is something truly awesome about having a Monday off from work when the rest of the world is going about their routines and your drinking coffee and watching the Today show in your PJ’s.  I had no real plans for the day and quite honestly liked it that way.

As the day wore on I got thinking about what I’d spent my day doing.  If you were to ask me I spent it doing things I love.  Relaxing, running, eating, grocery shopping and even a yoga date with Michael.  All things that make up part of a healthy life.

Stay Fit

But how many people truly love living a healthy life?  So many people workout because it’s good for them or eat healthy or gluten-free because it is the only way they can stay trim.  They do it because “they have to”.

I LOVE living this healthy life.  I created it for myself and I know what works best for me and my life. For me it is running and yoga.  It’s trips to the grocery store to stock up on my favorite veggies for the week and the excitement of trying a new to me healthy product.  And just as much as it is about staying active and eating right, it’s also about finding that balance to snuggle up with a furry friend for a mid-afternoon snooze.

I know a gluten-free diet just won’t work in my life and that I love chicken and beef too much to be vegetarian or even vegan.  I know that if I ever bought a juicer it would just sit on the counter and I’d feel bad about never using it.  But those things might just be what you need to live a healthy life that you truly LOVE.

Eat Well

I guess what I’m trying to say is, try it all.  Go vegan for a day and if you love it than that might just be for you.  If you can’t stand the thought giving up sugar then don’t…but skip the second piece of chocolate cake.  If the thought of a protein shake makes you gag, don’t drink it.  If you hate yoga but LOVE Zumba, then dance away my friend.  If you LOVE your 6pm spin class but never want to own a real bike, more power to you.  If your idea of exercise is a long walk with a four-legged friend, well then you just might be the smartest of us all.

Find the things in life that create a healthy life you LOVE to live.  Life is too short for “have to’s” and it’s just that much better when you spend a day with no plans living healthy because you are doing the things you LOVE.  Healthy living should be balanced, easy and natural…create your own healthy life that is just that.

What do you LOVE about your healthy life?  What do you spend a free day doing to stay healthy?


12 thoughts on “Loving Versus Living

  1. Jolene says:

    Oh I needed to read this today! I love living a healthy life too and I love especially what you say at the end about life being too short for ‘have to’s – SO TRUE! AMEN sista!


  2. leighakay says:

    Amen! Do what YOU want to do. And if you need to take a day off, then do it! On a free day I usually just go for a long, outside run. Just me and the fresh air. I love feeling good about my body and feeling healthy and strong!


  3. Jess Sutera says:

    LOVE THIS!! I had last Wed off from work with Scott since he was on school vacation and it was SUCH a treat to have the day off while everyone else was out bustling about on their busy day at the office. We did lots of ‘out of routine’ things together and it was just so refreshing. On another note — I love how you define LOVING vs. LIVING. I agree, agree, agree – try it all, find what works for you, and embrace this healthy lifestyle for what it is: a life worth LOVING and LIVING 🙂


  4. Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog says:

    “Create your own healthy life…” I love this line! I agree whole-heartedly that not every element of healthy living is right for everyone, not every exercise is a favorite for all. I love the healthy habits I created because I’ve seen how good they make me feel… and how bad I feel (physically, not emotionally) when I don’t adhere to them. Such a great post.


  5. Mary McManus says:

    There is a wonderful synchronicity here with an epiphany I had yesterday about the choices I am making that are right for me! Thank you for this inspiring and invigorating blog post Whitney. You are so beautiful inside and out and so wise!


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