The New Beauty Routine

If you ask me part of living a healthy life is feeling and looking your best.  I love taking time to pamper myself…at home pedicures and extra long showers happen to be my favorite.  I like to take time to choose products that stand up to my busy life.  For years I faithfully bought Clinique facial cleansers, exfoliators, lotions and makeup.  I was a fan and never thought twice about changing products.  Last month I decided to make a change.  I was tired of spending almost $60 every time I ran out of face cream or makeup.  The saving money aspect was a big part of it but I was also really intrigued by some of the new products out there.

I wasn’t exactly sure where to start so I headed over to Ulta Beauty.  I liked knowing that if I absolutely hated something I could return it.  Plus the staff there are pretty educated on the different ingredients in products and always seem to be really helpful in making suggestions.  They recommended new makeup for me which I really love!

After trying new makeup I felt a little more confident about changing things up so I branched out to some other new products and love them too!  Here’s a look at what I’m using now…

Beauty 1

1.  Alabu Goat Milk Cleansing Bar.  I love this product.  My Mom first found it and gave me a bar in my stocking for Christmas.  It’s really gentle on my skin, and feels great.  I suffer from dry skin in the winter and this has really helped to keep my skin moist.  A bar costs less than $4 and has lasted me well over 2 months!

2.  Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick.  I use this stick all the time.  I use it as lip balm and on dry patches on my hands and skin.  It’s thick and absorbs well into my skin.

3.  St. Ives Exfoliating Pads.  These pads smell so fresh and clean and gently exfoliate my face after washing.  I also love that they are 100% natural and the ingredients actually mean something to me.  It makes me feel better about what I’m using on my body.  They cost about $4.75 at Target and each jar has 60 pads.   For my needs, this will last me about 2 months.

4.  Alabu Lip Balm.  This lip balm has tee tree oil in it and works wonders on my usually chapped lips.  It’s mild and absorbs quickly into my lips so I don’t end up with slippery, glossy lips.  I also love that this is all natural.  It costs about $2.39.

Beauty 25.  Garnier BB Cream.  I was intrigued by this product for months before I actually tried it.  I love that it is a moisturizer, and has sunscreen in it.  It has medium to light coverage which is perfect for me since I don’t wear a ton of makeup.  It goes on really silky and smooth as well.  My only complaint is that it is a bit oily and I really have to rub it in.  They have an oil-free one out now which is what I’ll try next time.  I just put some powder on top  and it keeps me shine free and covered all day.

6.  L’oreal True Match Super-Blendable Powder.  This powder is nice and light but covers really well.  I love that it doesn’t rub off on to my clothes too.  The case is compact and light making it perfect to throw in my purse for a post work touch up.

7.  Covergirl Lash Blast Length.  My old mascara ran out and they stopped making it which was so sad since I loved it.  The sales woman at Ulta helped me to find a new replacement that met all my requests.  I like the brushes that are plastic spikes, I like it to be black and also want my mascara to stay on if I cry but wash off with soap and water at night.  I refuse to use make up remover before I wash my face, it’s just too much effort.  This new mascara meets all my requirements and makes my lashes look long and full.  Win!

Beauty 3

8.  Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion for Extra-Dry Skin.  I’ve always struggled with dry skin and even eczema so I religiously use body lotion after every shower.  The cold and wind this winter have made it a bit harder to keep my skin hydrated.  A friend of my uses Lubriderm and says she swears by it so I decided to give it a try.  I love it.  It goes on nice and light and absorbs so well into my skin.  I use it at night on my dry hands and it always clears the dry patches by morning.

9.  Scent Bar Forbidden Body Mist.  I’ve used Victoria Secret Body Sprays for years but they stopped making my favorite scent so I had to switch it up a bit.  I found this product at Target for $8.99.  I love the scent and actually had trouble choosing between two different ones.  It lasts all day which I love.

I’m definitely a creature of habit and will use the same products for years without ever changing.  I’m really glad I’ve branched out and tried some new products.  The fact that some of the products are 100% natural is an added bonus and fits in more with the lifestyle I’ve been living and working towards.

My favorite products have always come from word of mouth so tell me, what products are keeping you feeling beautiful lately?


8 thoughts on “The New Beauty Routine

  1. Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog says:

    I’ve been going through the same thing, looking for more natural products and products that work well for sensitive skin. I just started using Clinique mascara because a lot of makeup products irritate my eyes. I’ve also been looking for a BB cream – maybe I’ll check this one out!


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