Dear Winter…

Last weeks blizzard halted my 5am runs, it was just too unsafe.   Saturday I ran 6 miles in the cold and snow, it was enough to make me long for spring.  And the howling of the wind has made me hide under the covers all day….it’s time for winter and I to go our separate ways…

Dear Winter,

Ordinarily I love you.  You make the world a winter wonderland, and make us all slow down a bit.  I love the days curled up at home with a good book and something warm and hearty on the stove.  Your fresh snowfall makes even adults act like children and there is nothing better than a snowball fight and snow angels.  I love heading out for a ski, gliding across the snow with the cold air and sunshine on my face.  Apres ski ain’t so bad, either.

But this year, things are different.  You’ve been particularly cold and bitter.  You howl at us day and night, week after week.  You taunt us every so often with warm 50 degree days and sunshine before you come back with a vengeance.  Your recent stunt where you left us was 30 inches of snow was thrilling for a few days but now it’s just annoying.

I’m tired of being cold.  Really, I am.  I dream of warmer days ahead and sunshine on my back.  I long to wear crops and shorts and tanks.  I stare at my pretty spring scarves longing for bright colors, nude flats and my mint green tops.  I can’t wait to see a crocus and a daffodil.  I’ve had enough cold and snow.

Winter it's time for you to go...

Winter it’s time for you to go…

You’ve disrupted my routine, made running on the streets near impossible and certainly unsafe.  I long to run without flashlights and layers, jackets and hats.  I think it’s time you eased up Winter.  Give us a break and stop your howling.

Winter, you’ve forced me to rest my body from running.  I’ve taken solace on the mat, and deepened my yoga practice.  I’ve even tried a barre class!  Tomorrow morning it’s me and deck of cards to give myself a workout. But please can we safely return to running at 5am?!

This year Winter I think it’s you, not me.  It’s time for you to go and let spring make an appearance.  Calm yourself down and find your exit!

Thank you much,


Are you tired of winter yet?  Ready for spring and running in shorts and crops?!


16 thoughts on “Dear Winter…

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  2. Maureen says:

    I am absolutely ready for spring. We weren’t hit with the snow as bad as New England, but the cold and wind has been as hard for me mentally as physically (who wants to run in 19 degree weather? not this girl.) Come on spring!


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