30 Inches of Snow and a Winter Workouts

It’s a rare day when the weathermen are correct but they certainly delivered on Friday night.  A blizzard and 30 inches of snow turned a usually busy Boston town into a ghost town.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  We watched movies, slept in, made and ate delicious food, read and of course played in the snow.

With 30 inches of snow, it’s no secret that running outside isn’t going to work very well.  So how am I staying fit this week and until the snow melts a little?

For starters, by shoveling…alot.  It took us about 3 hours to dig out on Saturday.  It was definitely a team effort…me shoveling and Michael snowblowing.  My triceps are burning!


Post Shoveling!

Today I was dying determined (despite the rain) to get in some cardio.  So I went old school…back to my first “fit” days.



I went cross-country skiing!  For those who don’t know I grew up skiing competitively and went on to ski in college.  My senior year I was the USCSA National Champion.  Even though I haven’t raced in years the skier is definitely still inside me.  The moment the snow started falling on Friday and I knew it was going to be a lot I started thinking about skiing.

As much as I love running, skiing is different for me.  There is nothing like that feeling of gliding across the snow with the cold air surrounding you and the peace and quiet.  Skiing is a more fluid motion than running.  I love it.



I skied for about an hour and 15 minutes.  I kept the pace relaxed but steady, think of it as your long run pace.  It felt so good to be out skiing.  I can definitely tell that yoga has been helping me because my arms weren’t tired or sore when I was skiing and I definitely still had a ton of strength to get up and over hills.  As a skier this is really crucial as your strength can make a huge difference on hilly courses.  In college I regularly lifted weights and had a series of explosive weight training exercises I’d do using a medicine ball. My training programs in high school and college always incorporated a weight and strength training plan and a cardio plan that was very targeted and specific towards skiing.  I think today I really like the balance of yoga and running because it is a great combination of strength training, stretching and cardio.

It was really fun to get out and ski today.  It felt great to do something different.  I also liked that today’s workout mimicked a long run.  My running has lacked a long run as of late and I plan to start adding them back in slowly, today’s ski was the perfect way to ease back into it.  There are highs in the 40s predicted throughout the week but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get out and ski again next weekend!

As for the rest of the week, I’m planning to be flexible.  It’s not every month we get 30 inches of snow so I’m trying not to stress about my runs.  Tuesday I’ll be doing my home practice to prepare for my class on Wednesday morning.  Wednesday I’m teaching Yogathlete at Roots Yoga in Burlington, MA at 6:30am.  Thursday there is more snow predicted so I’ll likely hit the mat again or possibly plan a circuit workout at home to mix in some cardio and spice things up!

Have you cross-country skied recently? How are you adapting your workouts if you were hit by the blizzard?  What is your favorite at home workout? 


8 thoughts on “30 Inches of Snow and a Winter Workouts

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  2. candace says:

    wow that is a TON of snow!! i’m from connecticut but live in germany for most of the year and was following the storm thinking ‘there’s no way these weathermen are right’…. crazy! glad you had fun cross country skiing!!


  3. SweatSavor&Smile says:

    I grew up skiing but I’ve actually never cross country skiied. I would love to try it out sometime! Any tips, recommendations for a newbie? (Such as, where does one get cross country skiing equipment for either renting or buying?) 🙂


  4. leighakay says:

    I love cross country skiing! I’ve only been out a few times this year… trails have not been very good. I’m going to start going to the gym. My fav home workout is any magazine home workout! I just take a random one and do it!


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