A Few Well Placed Thoughts

Today’s just one of those days where I feel like rambling but do actually have a few thoughts worth sharing.  It’s been awhile since I’ve  posted randomness and today we are just going to roll with it.  Think of it as a compilation of short posts!


Why is it the first non-busy week I have all month I manage to get sick?!  Last Sunday morning, the first day all month where I had nothing planned and nothing to do I felt like I got hit by a bus.  By Wednesday morning I was full on sick and spent the day home, in bed.  I slept until 1 and spent the afternoon watching HGTV buried under blankets on the couch.  Take my sickness as a reminder to wash your hands, drink plenty of water, take an Emergen C every now and then and consider taking Zinc (it supports immune function and I swear it shortened my cold/flu by a few days).


Um, let’s just talk about how darn cold it’s been lately?  I went to college in upstate NY, it wasn’t far from the Canadian border and it was downright cold.  We often went for weeks never seeing a temperature warmer than 10 degrees.  Long underwear, flannel sheets and clothes with function over fashion were a must.  I thought I’d left those days behind but lately I’m reminded all to well of my skiing days and the cold I felt.  Michael and I have been keeping warm in all things fleece…fleece socks, pants and hoodies and an extra fleece blanket on our bed at night.  At an all time low we headed up to bed extra early, turned on the space heater, drank tea and had a “bed picnic” of cannolis from the North End…don’t judge, I was so warm and cozy! It was awesome and we had a blast!


I’ve finally had a few days of down time and I have to tell you, it’s been awesome.  I’ve been sleeping in, reading books in bed, watching movies, catching up on Mad Men, hell I even read Yoga Journal cover to cover in 2 days! Who am I?! I’m telling you, I could get used to this…

The blog. 

With all my downtime of late I spent some time cleaning up the ‘ole blog.  I rewrote the My Story page, updated the My Words, My Ideas, Fun Runs and Product Reviews pages and revamped the Yoga Classes Page.  Be sure to check the Yoga Classes page often.  I’ve updated it with the classes and studios I’ll be teaching at and will post any workshops, free classes I teach at Athleta and much more!

Yoga Classes Page

I also cleaned up the side bar of my blog and added a calendar of upcoming events! Think of it as a quick reference guide and then click over to the Yoga Classes page for all the details!

Upcoming Events

Yoga Classes. 

And speaking of yoga classes starting Wednesday February 6th (just a week from this Wednesday) I’ll be teaching my very own class each week! I’ll be teaching Yogathlete from 6:30 to 7:45AM at Roots Yoga in Burlington, MA! What is Yogathlete? It is an all levels class with a focus on opening your hips, back and shoulders through stretching and active flows.  Be prepared to sweat and move while releasing tight muscles! This is the perfect class for runners and athletes alike so you can feel and perform your best during your next workout.  The class is just $10 so be sure to come and start your day off right!


And speaking of workouts, Michael and I took an arm balance workshop on Saturday with Tim Kelleher.  It was awesome to break down everything from crane to side crow to eka pada koundinyasana.  I love rocking some arm balances, even if they make me sore the next day!

Side Crow Pose

Side Crow Pose

Since my cold/flu has finally passed and I’m feeling like myself again I finally got out for a run this morning.  It was my first run in a week.  It felt so good to just run and move.  I think a week of no running is my breaking point…

What random ramblings do you have to share today? Will you be joining me on Wednesdays at 6:30am for Yogathlete at Roots Yoga in Burlington?


10 thoughts on “A Few Well Placed Thoughts

    • liverunloveyoga says:

      I won’t be teaching at South Boston but absolutely love the studio and the teachers! You’ll probably see me there! Come to Roots in Burlington for one of my classes and check the yoga page often, I’ll post where I sub and teach workshops, etc!


  1. dnardi710 says:

    Too bad I don’t live in your area, I’d love to check out your Yogathlete class! I just attended a Yoga for Athletes weekend with Sage Rountree at Kripalu, it was really great!

    She also has a week long program specifically for yoga teachers to learn to teach yoga to athletes that I’m really interested in doing, but unfortunately the dates didn’t work for me this year.


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