What I Ate Wednesday #63

It’s a cold wintry week here in Massachusetts.  High’s are barely breaking into the teens and lows at night are “on either side of zero”.  All I can say is that 5am runs are going to be hard to come by this week and comfort foods are in abundance.  I think I’ll be drinking lots of tea this week.


In other news, I’m still working on the sugar cutbacks.  It’s a process, that’s for sure.  I’m still leaving coffee out of my sugar sugar out of my coffee and am feeling stronger than ever about that choice.  I noticed the other day that I read the labels much more diligently when I grocery shop and put back a lot of items because they were high in sugars.  It’s surprising how much sugar foods like granola bars and cereals have in them, even the healthier brands! I’m taking it a step further and going sugar-free at work now.  See, my office is filled with candy and sweets…like all the time.  For months I refrained from eating it and felt really good about that choice but then the peanut M&Ms lured me in.  Somedays it’s the M&Ms, other days in the Starburst.  As I was relaxing at home on Monday (love long weekends) 2:30 rolled around and started thinking about chocolate and wanting sweets.  Right then I decided no more candy at work.  Well, one day in we are doing good!


For Christmas I got this mini waffle baking pan.  I love waffles so I was pretty excited about the pan.  The recipe is really easy to make and they bake in about 6 minutes, not to mention they are really good.  A cup of joe and an EmergenC (yep I’m fighting a cold this week) to start the morning off right.

Waffles, EmergenC and Coffee

Waffles, EmergenC and Coffee


Michael and I do a really good job of planning meals so we have lots of leftovers.  We don’t let anything go to waste so that often means we eat the same thing again and again.  We just finished the Chicken Tortilla Soup from last week.  Lunch this week is leftover pasta and homemade sauce.  On the side I had strawberries, oranges (a much-needed extra punch of Vitamin C), nuts, a granola bar and a yogurt.  I rarely eat all of this but like to have options!

Leftover pasta, strawberries, oranges, yogurt, granola bars and nuts

Leftover pasta, strawberries, oranges, yogurt, granola bars and nuts

Warm lunches are even better on cold days!


What’s better than italian food on a cold winter night?  We had Mike’s Moms stuffed peppers with pasta and homemade sauce for dinner the other night.  On the side, a caesar salad.  Stuffed peppers are on of my favorite dinners!

Stuffed peppers, pasta and caesar salad

Stuffed pepper, pasta and caesar salad

What are you enjoying this week to keep warm? Do you love italian food like me?


12 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #63

  1. Caren says:

    I used to eat a ton of pasta, but I’ve stepped back from carbs in the last year, (not entirely) and it’s really helped me maintain a lower body fat percentage. I miss it once and a while (and will indulge), but it’s no longer the main part of a dish… rather, just something to add to veggies.

    Adore yoga though!



  2. mothspit.com says:

    Stuffed peppers, tortilla soup and pasta… ah, this all is making me super hungry (Its 9am here, and I haven’t eaten breakfast yet!) I love Italian food, especially gnocchi, but my favorite winter foods are butternut squash, cous cous or soups. I can’t get enough of soup in the winter!


  3. Jolene says:

    Yum!! I love warm lunches and leftovers too 😉 I WANT a waffle pan! How cool is that? Funny about the sugar, I used to feel I needed splenda in my coffee but went without it cold turkey and didn’t really notice a difference and now it tastes SO sweet if there is ever sugar (real or fake) in there! good luck!


  4. Emily @ FitMamaInTheCity says:

    We eat Italian food by the ton. My mother-in-law actually bought me a pasta maker for Christmas this year funny enough. But my comfort “food” has been a cup of Green tea with honey and lemon in the afternoon. I drink mint tea before bed, but my body is wanting more warmth.


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