On Feeling Accomplished

It is no secret that I love goals and milestones to work towards.  I’ve learned over the years that it’s really just better for everyone if I think about life in small chunks.  One accomplishment at a time, one step at a time.  Sometimes the smallest things in life can leave me feeling accomplished and I love that!

We are in the height of recruitment for our summer season at Team In Training.  I’m managing two teams and working with our corporate program so it’s definitely busy.  I love what I’m doing and feel like I’ve found my stride.  I’ve finally adjusted to the new schedule and have a good handle on how to manage all my responsibilities.  As I was driving home last night I was reflecting on how nervous I was about this busy month and how pleasantly surprised I am about how well it’s going.   It left me feeling accomplished.

Even though it’s only been a week I’m feeling so good about the fact that I completed all of my planned workouts this week.  I ran 3 times this week and hit the mat for yoga.  There was most certainly a morning or two where I considered snuggling in bed for an extra hour but like they always say, you never regret a workout!  Today, I’m most certainly enjoying a rest day and I won’t feel one bit bad about it.  Accomplished.

And this weekend?  A much bigger accomplishment.  I’ll become a certified yoga instructor!  It’s been quite the 6 months trying to get through each weekend, prepare for exams and prep for our community class but it’s also been such a fun journey! There have been so many mini milestones to this journey like conquering challenging poses, finding myself as a teacher, learning to be a little less Type A, and teaching my first class.  If you are in the Boston area I hope you’ll come out to South Boston Yoga to  share this accomplishment with me! I’ll be teaching a community class with my fellow trainees on Sunday at 2pm.  We’ll be teaching an awesome all levels flow with a rockin’ playlist!


What leaves you feeling accomplished?


13 thoughts on “On Feeling Accomplished

  1. Ebony says:

    The key is picking up the right Retaliation figures. The single-packs aren’t great outside of a couple (Zartan looks good, as do the various ninjas), but the three-packs look like very good values, with better accessories than the single-pack figures to boot (Red Ninja spceifically).


  2. Diane Mulholland says:

    So excited for you for this weekend – really wish I could be there! It’s been wonderful reading about your journey, I hope if I ever decide to train in Yoga that I can find a course like yours. Hope all goes well Sunday, I’m sure you’ll rock it!


  3. Emily B says:

    Such a long journey is about to come to a close for you! And it is wonderful. I feel accomplished when I make a list and am able to check something off of it. Or all of it!


  4. Hui says:

    Congrats on your yoga certification! I feel accomplished when I’ve achieved a goal, no matter how small. That being said, the bigger ones give me a bigger sense of pride 🙂


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