Heart Sweat Lipstick

Women.  We love to work out, we love to give our workouts all we’ve got and we all know we like to look good doing it.  That’s what Heart Sweat Lipstick is all about.  It’s no secret I love to run or hit the mat and get a good sweat in and I love looking my best.  Yes, in years past you could’ve called me a lulu-head and these days I can’t get enough Athleta.  I love getting ready for race day with a new running outfit and crossing the finish line feeling my best.

A few months back Brooke approached me from Heart Sweat Lipstick asking me if I’d like to work with her to help promote her concept.  Considering how much I like a good workout and enjoy looking my best I couldn’t really say no!  Brooke sent me over my own Heart Sweat Lipstick dri-fit and a few stickers…

Heart Sweat Lipstick Dri Fit

Heart Sweat Lipstick Dri-Fit

Heart Sweat Lipstick Stickers

Heart Sweat Lipstick Stickers

The best part? You can win your own Heart Sweat Lipstick gear! Just leave a comment telling me why you love to give your workouts your all while looking your best!

And speaking of workouts, I’m finally back on track.  The holidays definitely threw me for a loop, throw in a snow storm and freezing cold temperatures it’s the perfect storm to miss more than a few runs.  Usually once I start missing runs I feel really bad about it but then as time goes on I embrace the extra downtime and I don’t feel so bad.  Eventually I really miss my runs and start itching to get back out running.  I never go too long without a run!

Monday morning I started the week off right with an easy 3.5 miles.  The air was cold but smelled and felt delicious and since it’s been over a week since the storm has passed the side walks were finally cleared.  It felt good to get my run on!  My pace wasn’t anything spectacular but I felt good and that is what counts.

My goal is to get back to running 3 or 4 days a week.  This past month I was only running about 2 days a week.  Even though I’m not training for anything particular I still like to be consistent with my runs and just reduce the mileage if necessary.  To me it’s easier to bump up my mileage on each run a little bit at a time  rather than adding more running days to my training plan.  I’ll likely end up running a half this spring so I’d like to have a good base for whatever 2013 brings.  Today was the perfect start to the year.  I’ll be back out there tomorrow morning for another solid run!

Tell me your favorite way to sweat to win your own Heart Sweat Lipstick gear!


11 thoughts on “Heart Sweat Lipstick

  1. Kayla says:

    I used to be the type of runner that just threw on an old t-shirt and gym shorts. They didn’t have to match, be flattering, or even fit that we. As I’ve matured as a young woman and as a runner as well, I can’t help but feel beautiful as I’m running. Fitted and beautiful running attire definitely make a difference 😉


  2. tlsylvan says:

    I love to sweat during a long or hard run that pushes my limits and shows me how strong I really am. I have my first 50k next month, so every week of training I am running harder and learning more and more about myself. It’s an added bonus to look cute while kicking ass 🙂


  3. Jolene says:

    You look so cute in that pic!! I love your hair! I would love to try this out, especially for those early 6 am classes I teach! Hard to look your best at that time of day, that’s for sure 😉


  4. Mary McManus says:

    That is a gorgeous photo of you. At age 59 – yes 59 I love to look my best because I am a role model for the baby boomers. and an inspiration to young women. Just because you get older does not mean you can’t look awesome while rockin’ out crow and flowing through a Sweaty with Vendetti class. I love to look my best because I feel my best when I am feeling the strength, grace and beauty of a yoga practice. I believe that a woman should have her outside be a reflection of how awesome she feels in her own skin.


  5. Emily B says:

    Being a mom to an almost ten mo, work out is me time. I love looking my best because I am honoring my body, I like to feel my best while doing it. And looking your best always encourages you to go just a LITTLE bit further. I like to think I look like a fitness model 😉


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