Yoga Teacher Training Weekend #8

I spent the final days of 2012 in the yoga studio.  It is hard to believe that only one weekend remains and this journey is coming to an end.  This past weekend involved a lot of work.  We had both our anatomy exam and our philosophy exam and practiced teaching our community classes.

Saturday morning started promptly with our anatomy exam.  I should mention that these so-called tests are not really hard and fast tests.  We can ask as many questions as we want and by the end it’s more of a group test.  We review them as a group and “grade” each other’s papers.  It’s an opportunity to see how much we’ve learned and create a quick reference guide to yoga and anatomy.  I’d casually studied over the last month, 20 minutes or half an hour here or there.  To say I was prepared for anatomy would be an understatement but considering it has every muscle and bone of the body on it I wasn’t really going for 100 on this test.  I was surprised how much I knew and how much of the muscles and their functions I understood.  I think we were all pretty happy when the test was over.

After our test we took class.  David had to sub for one of the instructors so we took that public class which was a level 2/3  class.  It took about 25 minutes for me to feel the burn, I was definitely feeling my lack of workouts over the holiday week but it felt good to stretch and work my body.  When we finally came down to the mat for savasana I was so happy to rest my body and mind.

After lunch we practiced teaching our community classes.  The group of trainees is divided into two groups, one will teach on Saturday and the other on Sunday.  I’m in the Sunday group and was off the hook to teach on Saturday.  We flowed through another class.  After spending another hour and half on the mat my body was sore and tired. We gave the Saturday group feedback on the flow of their class, playlist and teaching.  It’s truly incredible to see how talented my fellow trainees are!

We wrapped up for the day and headed out in anticipation of the snow storm moving into Boston that night.  By Sunday morning we had gotten about 6 inches and it finally felt like winter.  As I rolled out my mat for David’s class on Sunday morning I looked up at the sky lights covered in snow with the sun glinting through.  As I thought, David had an awesome class.  I was sore and tight from all of the yoga on Saturday but as I warmed up my muscles loosened and the soreness from a good workout in my body felt so good.

After David’s class we took our philosophy test.  I loved this test, seriously.  It was so much easier than the anatomy and I was really excited to see how much I knew about yoga and teaching.  I truly learned and absorbed so much about yoga in the last 6 months.

While we were taking the test David called us forward to take our challenge pose photos.  I haven’t mastered my challenge poses yet but I am definitely much closer than I was before.  Before and after photos to come!

Sunday afternoon we practiced teaching our public class.  It was the first time we had run through it as a group I was grateful for the opportunity.  I think we were able to work out a lot of the kinks and I definitely feel more confident in my flow and the class I’m teaching.  My body was happy to be done practicing yoga for the weekend, I was so sore and tired!

We closed out the weekend with something we had all been looking forward to…truffle making!!  We made organic, sugar-free truffles.  The truffles were amazing and it was so much fun to try the different toppings and combinations!! I loved socializing with my peers and relaxing a bit as a way to end the weekend. It was the perfect was to close out a weekend with a lot of work involved.


For those in the Boston area, I’ll be teaching a community class on Sunday January 13th from 2 to 3:30pm!  It is a beginner flow with an awesome playlist.  We are asking for a $5 donation which will go to buildOn, an organization whose after school youth service programs mobilize urban teens to lift up their communities and change the world through intensive local community service and by building schools in some of the poorest countries on the planet. buildOn has built over 500 schools in Africa, Asia, and Central America. In addition, 95% of students who attend buildOn after school programs go to college.  I’d love to see you all there!


Can you believe this journey is coming to an end? Will you be attending my community class?