Yoga Teacher Training Weekend #6

It’s becoming rather obvious to me that these weekends are either very emotionally draining or physically draining.  This weekend was physically draining.  I slept like a baby on Saturday night, Sunday night I was asleep on the couch at 7:30 and yesterday I was sore and tired all day.  This weekend was also challenging since it was a long holiday weekend.  Normally I’d be spending the days with family and relaxing.  Part of me definitely wished I didn’t have to be in the studio all weekend but I was doing something I loved and it was ok.


We started the day with a catch up session; an hour of the day where we sit in a circle and share with everyone where we are with our lives and how we are feeling.  I’m not a big fan of sharing my emotions with a group but I will say it’s rather nice to just let it all out.  It feels good to be supported by the group, for others to share in your emotions, and in my case have a friend tell me I’m just too hard on myself.

We spent the remainder of the morning burning off the Turkey.  We did an entire standing sequence class which was really challenging but also really rewarding.  It was fun to get in to some more challenging standing poses, get my sweat on and surrender to the mat.  Relaxing in savasana felt particularly good to me that day.  After the class we gave our feedback on the sequencing and music to David.  It’s so interesting to see what others like and dislike in a class.

After lunch we spent some time starting to review.  We only have 3 weekends left and our exams are coming up.  It’s definitely time to get studying.  We reviewed the history and business of yoga, the anatomy and more.  We also worked through the different poses in our manual, learning the adjustments and modifications of each.

The next portion of the day involved bandanas.  We started to work the proprioception.  We started by blindfolding ourselves.  David took us through a short flow; he guided us through by finding the edges of our mat, moving us slowly through the poses and allowing us to connect with our bodies in a different way.  It was amazing to move through poses like this, I felt so connected to my body and truly did what felt good.  Then we all took a class blindfolded.  We each taught for a minute or two, moving through Sun A’s, C’s, standing poses, abs, backbends and more.  It was interesting to teach, it reminded you to be more accurate with your cues and more descriptive in what you wanted the bodies to do.  After this we took things to a different level.  We each partnered up and created a 25 minute class for our partner.  We then taught the class to our partner without speaking.   It was like teaching a dance and the practice became more intimate.  Teaching silently required us to use touch more to help guide them through the practice.  And practicing silently was divine.  It was so relaxing and peaceful to be in a room full of people working and moving without any noise. When David says we are prepared to teach anyone yoga, he truly is not kidding.  I’d feel more than confident to lead the deaf or blind through a class.

After a challenging practice in the morning and an afternoon of more yoga I was thrilled to come home to a warm shower, dinner and a movie.  I slept like a baby.  


I woke up with some tight hamstrings and sore shoulders on Sunday morning but made my way into the studio for David’s Sunday morning class.  We took the same class he taught on Saturday morning but with a few changes and modifications.  It was definitely challenging and a lot of hard work but luckily he had an amazing playlist to keep the class moving along.  One thing I love about doing the same sequence two days in a row is that I can often get into more challenging poses the second day which can be very rewarding.

After class we spent the remainder of the morning working through the poses in our manual, learning the adjustments and modifications for each.  I love working through the different poses; many of the standing poses are identical to the seated poses. I also love learning how to modify the more advanced poses to make them more accessible to the more beginning yogi.

The afternoon was spent doing more review.  We focused again on the history of yoga, the deitie’s and anatomy.  We also were assigned our teaching groups for the public classes we’ll be teaching on our final weekend.  We spent some time prepping and going over what part of the sequence everyone would like to teach.

We closed the weekend with a restorative class.  The group discussed what kind of class we’d like, choosing poses we knew that would feel good.  We each taught for about 8 minutes.  We started with ball rolling of the neck and shoulders and then I taught ball rolling of the feet.  I took my time making sure to thoroughly massage the feet and release any tension.  We then moved through a slow flow, seated poses with the help of the bolster and blanket, backbends and quad stretched on the block and final savasana.  It was the perfect way to close out the weekend.

By the time I got home, showered and ate dinner I was exhausted.  I feel asleep on the couch around 7:30 before heading up to bed and sleeping until 7am today.  It was most definitely a physical practice this weekend.

What is the most yoga you’ve practiced in one weekend?  Do you enjoy restorative or more active Vinyasa classes?


4 thoughts on “Yoga Teacher Training Weekend #6

  1. Christine says:

    I’m totally intrigued by practicing blindfolded and without words. That must have been a pretty incredible experience. I definitely enjoy a more dynamic vinyasa class if it’s the primary thing that I’m doing but if it’s a complement to something else i.e. yoga after surfing, then more restorative practice is great. I can’t believe you only have three weekends left!


  2. Katie H. says:

    I love hearing about your teacher training. That’s something I plan to do someday in the future. It sounds like something I’d LOVE.

    The type of class I enjoy depends on the mood I’m in. If it’s a “rest” day after a long run, I’m looking for a restorative class, and will often choose a Slow Flow or a Mixed Level class. However, if Yoga is my workout for the day, and I want to get my heart rate up, I’ll go for a Dynamic Vinyasa or an Advanced Vinyasa class.


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