Battling Fall Colds

I pretty much expect to get sick after my fall race but this year that didn’t happen.  Instead, my first fall cold of the year held off until the first snow fall.  On Wednesday my bosses sent me home from work to get some extra rest, after negotiating a few more hours of work I headed home, put on my PJ’s at 2:30 in the afternoon and crawled into bed.  The first snow flurries were starting to fall and my snuggle buddy B was purring away buried under the covers with me.  When we woke up there was a good few inches of snow on the ground and my cold was still in full force.  Luckily, I took care of myself and my cold soon passed just like the snow quickly melted. Here’s my tips to quickly ridding a cold…

Snuggle Buddies

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. 

Yep, that’s right.  Drink lots and lots of fluids, in particular clear fluids like water or apple juice.  I also like hot tea when I’m congested.  You want to flush your system of any toxins.

Get Your Vitamin C. 

I am strong believer in Vitamin C.  Emergen-C is my favorite and I start taking it twice a day at the first sign of a cold or illness.  When my cold is at it’s worse I’ll take Emergen-C up to 3 times a day.  I find it gives me an extra burst of energy too!


Make the right workout call!  

Deciding whether to workout when you aren’t feeling your best can be tricky.  I follow the neck up rule.  If my cold is concentrated in my head I’ll often workout as I find it can make me feel better but if my congestion is in my chest (i.e. coughing) I’ll skip a workout and get some extra rest.  Still, I sometimes think it’s a gamble.  

Get some extra rest. 

Even if I decide to go for a run or do some light yoga I still get to bed early or take a nap.  Getting some extra shut-eye is really important when you are fighting a cold.  As a recovering type A it can be really hard to put aside my to do list but once I do I’m usually really happy about the extra downtime.

Take the right medicine. 

I think this is the hardest one.  Taking cold medicine can really help with a cold but you have to take the right medicine or you could end up sicker…trust me, it’s happened to me.  My advice is to understand your symptoms, read the labels and if in doubt ask the pharmacist.  They are there to help and can decipher all those big, long words on the bottles.  If your forced to guess, I usually go for Dayquil or Nyquil…they usually serve me well.

What is your secret to curing the common cold?  What tips have I missed?


8 thoughts on “Battling Fall Colds

  1. Erin Madore (@IamCre8tiveSoul) says:

    Whitney, this post is perfect timing, I just got a cold Wednesday night and I’m attempting to fight it 100% naturally (no pills, Tylenol or Dayquil or anything). So I’m :: gargling, using a neti pot, drinking lots of water and tea (with honey), sometimes eating a small amount of honey to coat my throat, taking hot showers, eating TONS of greens and trying to spend a little time outside walking (actually helps). I am hoping to kick it in the butt by the end of the weekend (when I can rest!). Good luck and I hope you continue to feel better!


  2. jobo says:

    Feel better!! and completely agree with your advice, especially on workouts! It still can be a gamble and if I am really 50/50 on it, I usually won’t work out. Such a change from the past though, where I would try and push through (not in a good way!).


  3. Hui says:

    Chopping up garlic and then swallowing them like pills help. I take teaspoonfuls of honey to help with sore throats.
    I’m having a cold now too and couldn’t decide if I should workout or not considering I felt lightly feverish. I ended up attempting to workout, but in the end, decided to stop and listen to my body.


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