The Music!

One of my favorite parts of Tuesday’s class was the playlist.  I’ve taken so many yoga classes and have listened a variety of music that accompanies classes, I was ready to have a class with my own playlist!

Since I started teacher training I’ve been stock piling music for when I’d get to teach my own classes.  Michael is completely in to music and is always listening to Rhapsody throughout the day.  For months he’s been coming home and sharing new music with me.   It’s been really fun to diversify my music a little and find some great new-to-me bands. I’m currently loving The Art of Noise, MC Yogi and Muse.

Tuesday morning as I was practicing my flow one final time I realized that the music on my playlist was set up to remind me of moments in life and this journey that I knew would make me feel confident and calm my nerves.  Oh, the power of music.  The first song, Love by The Art of Noise was given to me by Michael.  I loved that I opened the class with that, it made me feel like he was right there with me.  Big City Life by Mattafix reminded me of Teacher Training and a moment my friend Christine and I shared…smiling at each other as we struggled through a challenging class during our 9 day intensive.  Home by Philip Phillips was the song I listened to the day I accepted my new job at LLS.  I’ll never forget smiling ear to ear that day in the car and knew the song would be the perfect reminder of how far I’ve come.


The playlist has a great beat, picks up in the middle when you are really moving and flowing and then slows down at the end again.  I personally love this playlist.

Are you heard any of the songs on my playlist?  What do you love to teach to?


5 thoughts on “The Music!

  1. norma says:

    Why do you need a playlist/music for a yoga class? It sounds like you are preparing for a fitness class. I find music distracting&everyone has different tastes in music.also, as a teacher, don’t you want to hear the students breathing&be able to communicate with them rather than competing with the music? Yoga can be thought of as movement&meditation…. Having music doesn’t allow for the participants to relax&go within to feel their bodies&allow their minds to be in the moment especially when they are listening along to music. I especially find that there are a lot of teachers who have the volume too high… Most notably during savasana… That is definitely a time when students can find music annoying… Savasana. … A quiet peaceful time at the close of the practice…

    I realize that I am coming across as critical&negative about music with yoga but I would really like to hear your feedback because I know many students who do not like music in classes especially during savasana but they don’t say anything. Younger students might who think of yoga as a fitness class but as you know, yoga is a life long practice&so much more than the asanas.

    I look forward to your response because it has always made me curious as to why the idea of having music in yoga classes has become popular in some parts of the west (north america).


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Hi Norma, thanks for your comment. I can completely understand your point of view and personally enjoy a class without music from time to time. I like to teach a Vinyasa style class which tends to be very athletic and active in the flow. Most of the students attending my class are coming to get a workout in and sweat, in addition to relaxing. I choose music that has a steady rhythm which can help students connect to the breath and stay with it throughout class. Many people find music to be very relaxing and meditative and can help them deepen their practice. I always play my music low so that my voice and the class is first and foremost and the music accompanies it. I also never play music loudly during savasana and choose music that is often water flowing or rain falling in an attempt to help people relax further. Chanting, which I greatly enjoy, can be often included in a class as song and can help many students meditate as well. I often choose songs that include a familiar chant so students can connect that way. Thankfully we are blessed with a wide variety of yoga classes and instructors. Not every yoga class or instructor will appeal to you, I personally don’t enjoy certain styles as they don’t fit my personality. Maybe a class with music is just not your style but others may find it relaxing and help them to deepen their practice. I like to teach what I love, and I love flowing to music. I hope this helps and thanks for sharing your thoughts!


      • norma says:

        Thank you for your response… I appreciated all the detail you provided with your explanation. I love your enthusiasm for yoga. I have been following your blog for the past year&enjoy your writing. I took my YTT in 2008&continue to study under all the terrific teachers we have coming to our city like Eoin Finn, Wade Morissette, Beryl Bender Birch, Biff Mithoefer, Coeli Marsh, Kathryn Budig as well as a Yogi from India who has been here for the past 4 summers.

        With running, i started again 5 years ago&have been to some of the same races… Chicago 2011&Boston 2012…yep, they were hot! I enjoyed ottawa in 2008 – my first, boston 2009, a local one in 2011&philly last nov… Otherwise, i race anywhere from a mile-full marathon. You may want to do Bermuda Triangle Series in mid january. I ran them in 2011&2012… Highly recommend&just a short flight from boston.

        Again, thanks&i always look forward to your posts…congrats on the new job!


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