The First Class!

So tonight I taught my first public yoga class.  Even as I write this it seems surreal.  I’ve dreamed and hoped for this day for years…it’s crazy to believe it’s finally here.

My friend Emily co-taught with me at Roots Yoga in Burlington.  She’s been teaching for the last few Tuesdays and graciously offered to let me teach this week.  She helped by demoing and adjusting students, which was incredibly helpful.

Saturday night Emily and I got together to create our class and figure out how we wanted to teach it.  She pretty much handed the reins over to me as she’d taught a few already.  I created a flow I knew I’d feel comfortable teaching…simple and straight forward but still challenging in the body.

Sunday I spent quite a few hours creating my playlist.  It took me awhile to find songs that had a rhythm I could teach with but lyrics that were subtle enough for me to speak above. I took some time to find a complete playlist but it was also fun.  I found a bunch of new music to listen to and am now obsessed with MC yogi.  By the end I was excited about my playlist.

Monday morning I was up at 5am to get my yoga on.  I went through the practice, made some notes and listened to the playlist.  I was happy to have taken the time to do this, I had my transitions down pat and knew where in the practice I was based on the music playing. Monday afternoon I rewrote the flow, in larger writing so I could see quickly where I was.

Tuesday morning I was up at 5am again despite Sandy and my wants to stay curled up in bed.  I went through the flow again with the music and felt confident in what I was going to teach.  I felt ready and excited for the 7:15pm class.  As the day wore on I got a little bit nervous but mostly excited!

On my drive to the studio, there was crazy heavy rain and the road was closed so I had to take a detour but luckily it didn’t phase me.   Once I walked into the studio, I immediately relaxed and just knew it was going to be a good class.  As the class got going I found my rhythm and just taught.  I breathed when I told them to breath.  I embraced the quiet and the space of the room.   I gave adjustments and helped students.  It felt natural and awesome.  My confidence definitely grew as the class went on and by the end I felt right at home.

I think sometimes, you just know you are supposed to be doing something because it feels right.  Yoga feels right for me, always.  I loved teaching last night and am so grateful for the opportunity.  I look forward to many more classes to come.

Thank you Roots Yoga for the opportunity!


14 thoughts on “The First Class!

  1. jobo says:

    Wow! I am so so impressed and happy for you!! And what a night weather-wise for it! We lost power at the studio during classes but kept going (I was taking a class, and glad I wasn’t instructing!). Glad you had such an amazing experience. Bet you are riding the highest natural high ever 😉


  2. strawberryjamntoast says:

    Yay! Many congratulations, I’m sure you’re an excellent teacher 🙂 Also, I’m glad you’re safe after Sandy 🙂 All in all, good times!


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