The Power of a Storm

I’m currently holed up at home as Sandy makes its way through New England.  I worked a few hours this morning but then the wind picked up and our Director sent us home, it wasn’t worth risking it plus we connect to a server in Westchester County, NY and it was starting to act weird.  I’m anxiously waiting for Michael to get home from work, he promised to be home by 3pm when the high winds arrive. B (our cat) is pacing like an expectant father and is clearly nervous…never a good sign if you ask me.  Animals are smart.

Yesterday we “prepped” for the storm but really prepping meant holing up inside, eating all things dairy and perishable and discussing why we would need to fill the bathtub with water.  It was incredibly relaxing…I read magazines front to back, watched a movie, created my playlist for Tuesday’s yoga class and felt like I had nowhere to be and nothing to do.

Hurricane Sandy

It got me thinking about the power of Mother Nature.  As American’s we are always on the go, figuring out ways to work harder and longer.  We find ways to let nothing slow us down but despite all our efforts we cannot stop Mother Nature.  We can predict and follow her all we want but at the end of the day we cannot control her.  She has the power to cancel schools, shut down roads, and eliminate power. She has the power to make us come to a halt and focus on the things that matter in life, our loved ones and our safety.

So I encourage you to accept the storm, embrace the down time and enjoy the quiet if the power goes out.  My thoughts go to those who are in the path of the storm…I’m hoping the flooding and wind damage is not devastating.  And for everyone in the path of Sandy…stay safe.

How are you staying safe during Hurricane Sandy?


5 thoughts on “The Power of a Storm

  1. strawberryjamntoast says:

    What a great attitude to have! Hope it all passes with as little chaos and damage as possible. Stay safe! Oh, and your cat is probably just freaking out at the different intensity of the wind which he can hear and you can’t ’cause he is feline and you are not 🙂


  2. jobo says:

    I needed this today! juuuust as the power goes out and I get all frustrated and stressed about getting work done and what to do with the fridge full of food etc. But it’s just stuff, not the important things…thanks for the needed reminder. stay safe too!


  3. Jess Sutera says:

    SUCH great perspective my friend — you are absolutely right, mother nature knows how to force us to sit back and exhale. we have no other choice but to in a situation like this. I LOVE your perspective lately…it’s eerily similar to mine these days…and I know I keep saying this but can’t wait to meet up so we can chat about ALL of this in person!!!


  4. Mary McManus says:

    Brilliant blog post Whitney – simply brilliant! I got groceries late Thursday to avoid the crowds and had already done cooking prepping for Tom’s NYC Marathon and our teacher training weekend so that I wouldn’t be so tired heading into the weekend but have time to relax and enjoy our clean home and wonderfully cooked meals. It’s awesome to have this time to relax and know there is nowhere to go and no place to be. By the way – yesterday Jamie our beloved four foot was very chill. Today she was wild and is now hiding under the bed. Be safe and take care and look forward to our weekend together!


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