On My Mind Pre B.A.A. Half!

It’s hard to believe that race weekend is finally here! It seems like just yesterday I signed up to race the B.A.A. Half Marathon.  So what’s the race weekend plan?  It’s to have fun!  This training experience has been very different from with my last marathons.  For both Boston and Chicago I was so focused on time and numbers but this time I’ve just been running because I love it.  I think yoga teacher training is to thank for that, it’s been front and center for me so running has been the “break” I need.

Ultimately I’d like to run in the high 1:40’s but I know that will be a really fast race for me.  Realistically  I’ll be happy to finish around 1:55.  That’s about an 8:45 min/mile which is what I’ve been averaging on my long runs.  I haven’t done any speed work or tempo runs for this half so I’m not expecting to PR.  I really just want to enjoy the fall weather, the race and have fun!

The BAA Half 2010

The weather is looking good with high’s around 57, cloudy with a chance of showers.  Why wasn’t it like that at Chicago last year?!  I’ve been mentally having the what to wear debate.  Do I go with crops and a short sleeve?  Stick with shorts, a short sleeve top and arm warmers? I’m thinking it’s going to be a race morning decision!

My real concern though is the fact that I haven’t been feeling great this week.  Last weekend in teacher training we focused on splits which requires a lot of hip and hamstring openers.  Since I’m tightest in those areas it was a hard weekend for me.  My hips have been so sore since Sunday! I’ve felt ok on my runs and my pace has been normal but I’m definitely concerned about my soreness.  Here’s my plan so I’ll feel my best race day…

  • Rest days on Friday and Saturday.
  • Foam roll, foam roll, foam roll.
  • Get to bed early and get extra rest, sleep in on Saturday.
  • Drink plenty of water to flush out my muscles.

Historically, and by that I mean every year, I get sick following this race weekend.  I get an awful cold, usually spend a good 2 days on the couch.  Since I just started a new job, already have a mild cough and quite honestly just don’t want to get sick here’s how I plan to ward off sickness…

  • Emergen-C.  Best. Stuff. Ever. I find this stuff really keeps me from being down and out when I have a cold.  I also think it helps prevent illness too.
  • Rest, and more rest.

So if you haven’t caught on, the plan from now until Sunday morning is to rest as much as possible.  Even though my plan is to race for fun, I still want to enjoy the race, feel good and give it my best shot.

One thing I’m looking forward to on Sunday is the mental miles I’ll run…

  • I’ll run for my friend, who passed away this week.  A runner who ran Boston year after year for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, a runner who left us all too early, who had more smiles and hugs to give.  I know I’ll find some extra motivation to run happier thanks to him.
  • I’ll run for Jess and Scott who’ll be tackling 26.2 in Chicago the very same day.  Jess has so openly and honestly shared every moment of her journey to run her first marathon. I’m so excited for them and wish them the best of luck! I know I’ll think of them when I need some motivation.
  • I’ll run for Michael and I.  It’ll be the one year anniversary since we ran Chicago together.  I’ll never forget that day, the smiles we shared and the memories we made.  It’s hard to believe that a year has already passed!
  • I’ll think of Michael’s sister who is running Chicago this year and his parents who are out there again this year to cheer her on.

I love that I have so many thoughts to fill my miles, thoughts to keep me going and miles to “share” with others!  I’m really excited and looking forward to my fall race!  I’ll be back on Monday with a recap!!

Best of luck to all of those who are running the Chicago Marathon this weekend!

How do you fight off aches and pains in the days leading up to your race?  What are you favorite ways to avoid the common cold?  Are you running Chicago this weekend? Who will you run your miles for?


11 thoughts on “On My Mind Pre B.A.A. Half!

  1. Christine says:

    I most definitely get wickedly sick after a race! Rest up my dear! You are going to do great. I have no doubt. I am beyond excited to cheer for everyone on Sunday. Have an awesome race!!


  2. imarunner2012 says:

    Aches and pains come with the territory. When you are training and pushing yourself I don’t think you can avoid them. My advice is to try and get ahead of the pain. If you feel something starting to hurt tackle it right away. Take your ibuprofen, do your stretching and foam roller. Use ice.
    My left calf muscle is bothering me so I’m running less this week, taking ibuprofen and will soak a little longer in the hot tub.


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