In More Ways Than You Can Count…

I love that I have amazing yoga friends who share yoga things on Facebook! My friend Christine from Nurture Your Bliss posted a link to an article on Yoganonomous titled “Three Reasons Why Yoga Teacher Training Changes Your Life”.  I read the article and found myself nodding my head and muttering “yes, so true” to everything said there.

The three reasons why yoga teacher training changes your life that they cited were,

1. Transformation happens faster

2. Self reflection leads to self expression

3. Break old habits

Yes, transformation happens faster and why wouldn’t it?  You have committed to this career path, this life and you are ready for it.  You are there to learn and learning inevitable means you’ll grow in some way.  Considering just how much you learn, it’s no wonder you change so quickly.  As for number 2, self-reflection leads to self-expression, the article describes this one best.

The entire training community provides you honest, loving support from day one with complete inclusivity. Training programs are a safe haven: a nurturing sanctuary to engage in open‐minded self‐exploration.

When I think about that one all I can think of is hip opener day during my 9 day intensive.  I felt completely safe and supported to release the emotions stored in my hips and cried like a baby for 2 hours.  That’s some serious self-expression right there.  If this makes no sense to you, go back and read that post…you’ll get it.  Personally I find the last one, break old habits to be very life changing.  Yoga teacher training is very nurturing.  You spend time practicing poses, and learning body work which is therapy for your body but then there’s the conversations and the group work and the insightful wisdom that your instructor passes down.  Words that you literally can not forget.  You spend so much time doing so much good for yourself, I personally find it near impossible to continue with bad habits.  Yoga teacher training is empowering and for me, it’s that push I needed to move on from the past and the habits I couldn’t stand (you know, like my crazy type A obsessive OCD perfectionist habits).  Here’s the thing though, yoga teacher training changes your in more ways than you can count…

The people…they change your life.  Your surrounded in this safe place with people who love yoga just as much as you, who know nothing about you but bond with you in ways you never thought possible and open up to you more than some of your family and best friends.  At my teacher training we use the word family a lot but it’s not an exaggeration. It’s the truth.  We share meals together, support each other, cry on each others shoulders, laugh together, sweat together, offer up our couches and homes to each other and quite honestly miss each other when we are apart.  It is a family and I know that I will be friends with these amazing people for years to come.

Your family will change your life!

You are better equipped to deal with life.  Life can be hard, even for the people who seem to have it so easy.  Yoga teacher training has taught me to embrace the challenges, and celebrate the victories.  Even in the hardest moments life is more manageable.  I’m more comfortable in the person I am, the decisions I make and who I want to be.  In a way, yoga teacher training makes your life simpler.  You manage your stresses better, are more equipped to deal with negativity and setbacks in a healthy way and more empowered to make decisions that create the life you want.

You engage in your relationships more.  This one was huge for me.  I’m type A and my mind runs non stop.  If we are having a conversation, the honest truth is that I’m only giving you 50% of my attention. The other half of my attention is trying to listen to those thoughts.  Yoga teacher training has taught me to silence my brain and listen to my family and friends 100%.  Seriously, when I became aware of this one I was stunned.  I felt like such a better girlfriend, friend and listener. I felt like the advice I was giving was much better.  I felt like I was living.  I still struggle to silence my brain and engage 100% but I know over time this will become automatic.  And I want it to be automatic, I want to be 100% there.

You learn to accept ALL of yourself.  You know that scar on your thigh that you can’t stand? Or that girl who gets coffee at the same coffee shop and looks like she walked off a runway everyday and you only wish you looked as good as her? Or you know how you drop every single thing you touch? Or how if you call a loved one and they don’t answer but you know they should you immediately think the worst and panic? Or how you feel the need to be “perfect” but deep down you are tired of being an overachiever and just want a break?  This is all part of who we are. But when we recognize it we can start to look at our thoughts, our bodies and our hearts differently.  We learn to be gentler on ourselves and can slowly change our beliefs.  We slowly learn to accept all of ourselves. Gosh, the one makes me want to cry.  Teacher training has taught me to love everything about myself and to talk to myself in a kinder, more loving way.  It’s taught me to address my negative thoughts when they happen and change them. I find this one just makes me happier. Loving ALL of yourself…yeah that’s pretty life changing.

Seriously, I could go on and on.  I didn’t even talk about the poses, breath work, massage techniques, anatomy and more you’ll learn.  They’ll change your life too.  The entire experience is life changing, it’s once in a lifetime.  I’m constantly reminding myself to slow down and enjoy these moments.  And if you are one of those readers who has shared your interest or desire in yoga teacher training with me, I hope you will take the plunge and experience this for yourself.  Yoga teacher training will change your life for the better, in more ways than you can count…

And with that, I’m off to finish this work week and head into the studio this weekend for another yoga teacher training session. I couldn’t be more excited! I’ll be back Monday with a recap of my weekend and some other fun posts!!!

You must be the change you want to see in the world.

– Mahatma Gandhi

Certified or not, how has yoga changed your life? Why do you love yoga?


9 thoughts on “In More Ways Than You Can Count…

  1. Meghan says:

    Wow, Whitney, I loved this post so much. I just came across your blog and I’m here to stay! I just found out I’ve been accepted to begin Yoga Teacher Training in September, and I’m pouring over each and every one of your posts and getting more and more excited. Thanks so much for sharing your journey.


  2. dnardi710 says:

    Thank you so much for this timely post! I start Yoga Teacher Training next week and I’m pretty nervous, but all of your posts have made it sound so amazing! I can’t wait to get started, I feel like self reflection and transformation are really something I need right now.


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