Changes and Routines

Many thanks for all the kind words about my feature as the Blogger on the Run over at Women’s Running!  It was awesome to be featured and I’m so honored to be included among some great runners and bloggers!  I hope you took the time to comment on the post for a chance to win a one year’s subscription to Women’s Running!

If you are a new reader welcome to LiveRunLoveYoga!  I love to talk about all things running and yoga here with some sprinkling of healthy living and eating!  If you have any questions please feel free to comment, tweet or email me! I love to hear from my readers!

It’s Friday and the first week at my new job is coming to a close!  I have to say, I am loving it! For new readers, I just started a new job at The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as a Campaign Coordinator for Team in Training!  The days are flying by so quickly and the work is really fun.  The staff is amazing.  Everyone is so supportive, creative, talented and friendly!  I’m working on the campaign for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington, DC this April! I’m so excited to be part of this inaugural event and help to make all of my participants beyond successful with their fundraising and have an amazing race experience! Lots of exclamation points in that paragraph…clearly a sign that I love what I am doing!

Boston Marathon with Team in Training!

As many of you know one of the benefits of this job is that I’d no longer be spending over 2 and half hours of my day in the car.  The extra time is so different and I love it.  I have an extra hour in the mornings compared to my old job.  This week I’ve been enjoying a more relaxed pace in the morning and sleeping in for an extra 45 minutes.  Drinking coffee at home and taking my time with breakfast is so refreshing! 

Coffee at Home!

I want to try to maximize my time by getting in my runs done in the morning.  Also part of my job will require me to work in the evenings.  Hosting events at local stores, speaking at run clubs,  holding informational meetings and meeting participants for fundraising meetings will all be happening at night throughout the year…just another reason to get my runs done in the morning.  I’ve been running at night for over 2 years so this is definitely the biggest change for me.  I plan to start my new routine on Monday and see how the morning workouts go.  Honestly I think I’m going to like it better!  

With a shorter commute at night I’ve been home earlier and am able to make earlier yoga classes.  Wednesday I went to yoga and was home by 7! It was so nice.  Last night I was able to head into Boston after work and take a yoga class with my fellow teacher trainees and get dinner!  Maybe this doesn’t sound so exciting to you but when you have had a very long commute for over 2 years and finally get some extra time it is quite enjoyable.  

Earlier Yoga Classes!

Changing routines can be challenging, especially when you’ve stuck to one for so long!  For me the biggest changes are running in the morning on run days and schedule my evening yoga classes around events and other work commitments as well as taking all new classes because I’ve never been able to attend the 5:45 and 6 o’clock classes.  Here’s how I plan make it an easy transition!

1.  Plan the week out.  It’s easy to get off-track when I don’t have plan.  My work events will be scheduled so I’ll be able to look at the week and plan running days and yoga days.  Runs will be in the morning on run days and I’ll do my best to get to yoga classes around 5:45 or 6pm on yoga days.

2.  Prep for morning runs.  I love the snooze button but Michael hates it. This means that I need to set the alarm and get up when it goes off the first time.  Having my clothes, watch and shoes all laid out makes getting out the door in a sleepy state that much easier plus I won’t wake Michael by opening drawers or the closet.

3. Be Flexible with Yoga.  I’m sure there will be days where I plan to go to yoga after work but can’t make the class because I have to work late.  It’s really not a big deal because I can go home and practice on my own or do a flow one morning before work.  I also need to be flexible as I try new yoga classes and instructors!

4.  Take Advantages of my Lunch Break.  I have an hour lunch break and our office is located near some good running.  My office is pretty relaxed so no one will mind if I take a later lunch, squeeze in a run and just freshen up to finish out the day.  It’s the perfect alternative on a busy night or a morning where I don’t want to get up early for a run!

5.  Remind Myself That It’s Ok To Miss a Workout.   I admitted last week that I always feel guilty when I skip a workout but now more than ever I’m trying to get over that.  A missed workout isn’t that big of a deal and sometimes we just need a break or to cut ourselves some slack when we are busy.  Life is about moderation. I must remember this going forward!

Have you ever gone through a big change in your routine? What are your tips for an easy transition?  Any suggestions to get the most out of my mornings and morning workouts?


13 thoughts on “Changes and Routines

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  2. beth says:

    I’m a morning person so I’d recommend getting up earlier than you think you should. Leave time to just sit. And remember to be patient with yourself. Congrats!


  3. christine says:

    i love all of the “!”‘s in your totally shows that you love what you’re doing 🙂 and i’m so happy that your shorter commute means more evening yoga at SBY yayy

    i LOVE my snooze button too haha but should definitely try to also get in the habit of just getting UP on the first ring…when I do I have more time to have breakfast and coffee, etc. in the morning without feeling rushed!


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Thank you! We will definitely see each other if you do it with TNT!! There will be some great inspiration dinners and victory parties and my team and I will be there! Keep me posted and we can def. plan a meet up! Thank you so much!


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