What I Ate Wednesday! Fall into Good Habits!

It feels like forever since I’ve done a What I Ate Wednesday post! I love this months theme of falling into good habits.  It really fits in with my idea of cleaning out bad habits and clutter from my life as I start this new chapter.  I’ve been adjusting to a new job, schedule and routine.  I have to tell you, I am loving it!!  A new job or just the change of season is a great time to set some good intentions and create some new, healthy habits!


Now that the mornings are cooler I am definitely looking forward to my morning cup of joe! I’ve been adding some pumpkin spice for a nice fall touch! It’s so good!  I had last Thursday and Friday off between jobs so I enjoyed some different breakfasts.  I had fried eggs with truffle oil and american cheese, a waffle with raspberry jam, and strawberries.  This week I’ve been partaking in apple cinnamon cake donuts and Special K for breakfast.  Donuts have been a delicious way to welcome in fall!



For work this week I’ve been bringing leftovers from dinner.  We made a greek salad with lemon dressing, grilled chicken and warm pitas.  I took the leftovers for lunch with an apple.   For snacks I packed strawberries and raspberries, Chobani Apple Cinnamon Yogurt, and a Special K Granola Bar.



An oldie but goodie as I like to say…chicken quesadillas! We use grilled chicken, red peppers, onions and cheese in ours.  On the side we had re-fried beans and mexican rice.  I love this dinner, it’s filling and comforting!


Tell me, what good habits are you falling into? Are you a fan of pumpkin spice in your coffee?  Apple Cinnamon donuts, love ’em or leave ’em?  


9 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday! Fall into Good Habits!

  1. Mary McManus says:

    I leave the donutsbecause I find I cannot digest them well and instead I make an incredible organic pumpkin bread and make it in the form of muffins and loaves. Let me know if you want the recipe (ping me on FB, email or in person) and you can post on your blog if you’d like. There is a secret ingredient oooh ….


  2. imarunner2012 says:

    I love apple cinnamon donuts, especially the ones they make at the apple orchards. The habits that I am trying to keep are to eat at least 1 piece of fruit a day and drink one 8 oz glass of milk a day.
    I know it sounds minimal, but it is so easy to eat no fruit and drink no milk in a day. I feel that if I work to hit my minimal goals, extra milk and fruit will sneak into my diet with out me even trying.
    I’ve also been trying to crowd out the bad stuff with good stuff. I try to eat a salad with dinner and pile my plate with veggies. This way I have less room for meat.
    I am also trying to give up fast food completely.


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