YTT: Weekend Session #2 Day 2

Sunday morning started with David’s public class.  Michael came to practice with me and the rest of the teacher trainees in what ended up being a packed class!  David’s flows are always challenging and get you moving.  I was drenched in sweat the entire time.  Sunday’s practice included tons of twists (a twists class for the teacher trainees) and lots of standing balance work.  The real highlight of the practice for me was going from camel pose into wheel, something I’ve been working on with the assistance of David since I started yoga teacher training!  To do it all on my own was gratifying to say the least.

After the class ended the teacher trainees regrouped in our room and were introduced to Nauli Kryia through a video by famous yogi Jill Miller.  Nauli is abdominal work done by activating your rectus abdominis.  It basically massages your stomach and abdominal area, improves digestion and the like.  We practiced this ourselves after watching the video, a few of us including myself were able to do it!  It’s a rather intense exercise and can make you feel dizzy and quickly makes you feel like you did a core workout!

On our lunch break a group of about 10 of us went for brunch at the nearby Franklin Southie.  It was so nice to sit in a restaurant, enjoy brunch and a coffee and chat with friends.  It definitely made the day feel more like a Sunday!

After lunch we went through our posters to get a sense of what everyone created, where we might use a poster and the best type of wording to include.  We spent some time working on our yoga teacher bios, something we need to complete for our next session.

I love teaching!

Today was the day my group taught.  We had decided to bring the lesson of ahimsa into our practice and we all referred back to it during our 8 minutes.  I taught a reclined twist series and then led the class into savasana before closing out the practice.  In savasana I led them through a progressive relaxation moving from their toes to the crown of their head. I read the definition of ahimsa (non-violence) and reminded them to take their practice with them off the mat.  To come back to the practice when in traffic or in line at the supermarket.  I felt confident and clear in my teaching and seemed to connect on a personal level to the class.  I was nervous about closing a class but left feeling as if I had succeeded and built my confidence up!

David assigned us our homework for next week, which is to practice the second yama called satya.  Satya is truthfulness, word and thought in conformity of the facts, honesty.  The important piece to this is that we can still be honest without revealing all our information.  For example, you are shopping with a friend and she asks you if a pair of pants looks ok.  They clearly look like they are a size too small.  Instead of saying that, you might try telling her that she looks uncomfortable and suggest she try a size larger.  I’ll be interested to hear everyone’s experiences with this.

We closed our afternoon by reading through the yoga sutra’s.  I’ll leave you with my favorite one from Sunday.  It’s beautiful.


It is being contented that brings the greatest joy.

Have you ever heard of Nauli Kryia?  Can you do Nauli? Have you practiced Satya? Will you practice Satya?


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