YTT: Weekend Session #2 Day 1

It’s so fun to walk into South Boston Yoga on Saturday mornings.  I love walking in and seeing 14 smiling faces, all eager to say hi and catch up on the last 2 weeks.  We began the weekend with a restorative class.  I love restorative classes, I feel like they re-center me, break up any knots in my body and give me a chance to relax.  We used lots of props including bolsters, lacrosse balls (amazing deep tissue massage) and blocks to deepen poses and stretch our bodies.  We practiced for over 2 hours and it flew by.  After class we asked ourselves these 3 questions:

1.  Are you happy? Are you happy in your looks, relationships, money, in general?

2.  What will it take to make you happy?

3.  When are you happy?

Happiness is a choice.  We choose to let negative thoughts come in to our minds and make us unhappy, make us insecure, make us doubt ourselves and lose confidence in who we are.  We let others affect our moods and how we feel.  We can change our mood at any time, it is a choice.  We can choose to be happy today, in this minute and are capable of changing our situations and thoughts to make this possible.  When we frame happiness in this way, it can be very powerful.

After our break we spent time working on poses, learning adjustments and then studying the anatomy.  Anatomy is so hard, this is such a struggle for me.   I’ve decided over the next 2 weeks to leave my anatomy book in the living room and just tackle one part of the body a day and study for 15 minutes.  Hopefully I will start to grasp it more.

One of our homework assignments was to practice the first of the 10 yamas.  The first yama is ahimsa, which is non-violence.  It is abstinence from injury, harmlessness, the not causing of pain to any living creature in thought, word or deed at any time.  We shared our experiences with this and personally I found this to be very calming.  So many times I get angry and frustrated in situations that are out of my control, like in traffic when someone cuts me off or when I’m in a rush and the person in front of me at the check out is moving SO slowly.  When you are practicing ahimsa you need to accept the situation and let the negative thoughts go, which for me was so calming.  It was a reason to accept a situation and separate my personal feelings, and thoughts from it and just experience what was happening.

For our teaching exercise this week we broke in to two groups and each of us taught for 8 minutes.  My group taught on Sunday so I was able to enjoy the practice and adjustments from my fellow trainees.  I was grateful to teach on Sunday since I was feeling kind of low energy and a bit moody on Saturday afternoon.

After the teachers received feedback we closed out the afternoon and headed home.  Our homework was to create a poster for any type of yoga event we wanted using the photos we had taken in the last session.  I took the opportunity to learn more about Photoshop and inDesign from Michael…

YTT Homework: Make a Poster!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of Sunday’s session.  For now, I’m off to start my first day of work at The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

Are you happy?  What will it take to make you happy?  When are you happy? Have you or will you practice ahimsa?


One thought on “YTT: Weekend Session #2 Day 1

  1. onelittlebecca says:

    am i happy? overall i am satisfied, although not happy. i have moments of happy and i am working towards happy. a new job would make me happy, but i am working on it. when am i happy? when i am running, talking about running, training, hiking, outdoorsing or programming new code. hope your first day with TnT is going well and can’t wait for the review of it!


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