Resetting and a Life Cleanse

A few months back I was contacted by Tribesports to write a guest post for them about how I combine running and yoga.  Tribesports is a website where you can post workouts, photos and connect with others who have similar interests.  The site is broken down into tribes which include everything from weight lifting to running, yoga, kickboxing, road biking and more.  If you name a sport, it likely has a tribe.  You can connect and interact with others in your tribes through discussion and question boards.  They also have challenges which can be sport specific or just related to living a healthy life.   An example of a yoga challenge is to hold crane pose for 30 seconds, a healthy living challenge would be to drink 2 liters of water per day for a month, a running challenge is to run 3 times a week for 4 weeks.  The newest challenge is a mini home circuit blast!  It’s designed to work your legs, chest and core.   There are hundreds of challenges to choose from and plenty of other users trying to complete them too, so you’ll never be going at it alone! Think of it as an online community to learn, grow and be successful in fitness! You can read my guest post, Blending Running and Yoga for a Healthy Life on their blog!

Tribesports Circuit Challenge!

Today, I’m detoxing.  I start my new job on Monday and took a few days for myself between to reset.  Yesterday was my chill day…sleeping in, good food, a haircut, a manicure and pedicure, yoga, reading and relaxing.  Today I plan to do a life cleanse.  I plan to clean, sort through my summer clothes and donate those tanks I never wore.  I want to go through my winter clothes and make a list of what I need and donate that sweater I had to keep but know I’ll never wear.  And sort through my desk and clean out those papers I don’t need, purge my inbox and folders of un-wanted emails.   I’m attacking the pantry and throwing out all those samples of foods I have but will never eat because I don’t care for them much.  I’m de-cluttering and making space for this new chapter in my life.

Beyond just the physical things in my life, there are some “bad” habits that I want to let go.  Habits done because I feel like I need to do them not because I want to do them.  Life now is about making space for the things I want and that means the bad needs to go.  So I’m adding these to the pile of clothes and trash bag of papers…

1.  Working out everyday.  Yep, I feel like I need to workout  EVERY DAY.  This has to go because it’s so not true.  It’s a rare day when I feel like I want to just go home, relax with a magazine and give myself a pedicure.  Well, when this happens now I’m going to embrace it! When I’m dreading a run but thinking a walk would be nice, guess whose going for the leisurely walk? This girl.  I make myself feel bad and guilty for skipping a planned run or yoga class.  I cause myself extra stress for no reason.  In fact, on those rare days I don’t feel like working out it’s probably because my body needs the rest and a break.  Who cares if I work out 3 days a week instead of 6 once in a while?  No one.  It’s just my own imposed “rule” and I’m done with it.

2.  Junk Email.  I probably get 50 or more emails a day.  Of those emails I probably care about 10 of them.  I’m so tired of deleting emails that I don’t even want in the first place.  So for the last week I’ve gone through and unsubscribed from everything that doesn’t interest me.  Now, I’m just getting the emails I want to read and spending less time on my phone with things I don’t care about.

3.  Email Alerts.  My phone “dings” every time I get an email and a banner pops up on the screen.  In the morning before I wake up, my phone is like “ding.ding.ding.ding.ding.” It’s annoying.  I’m constantly reaching for the phone every time it “dings” only to discover some store is having a sale.  I’ve gone in and disabled all alerts for email.  Now my phone just shows how many unread emails I have in my inbox and the 5 most recent on the notification screen.  It only makes noise when something I care about is happening, you know like a phone call or text from friends and family.  It’s kind of freeing.  I look at the phone a lot less and I love that.

4.  Blogs.  I do this pretty frequently but with my new job I want to be sure the time I spend blogging is productive so I’ve cleaned out my reader.  Again.  No more clicking through posts that don’t interest me or leave me inspired.  Now my reader is filled with inspiring, supportive and incredible bloggers who I can’t wait to read everyday.

5.  Foul Language.  I think in some way we are all guilty of this one.  We may not speak them but maybe we think them.  I developed this bad habit of using a few choice words when expressing my frustrations about work to Michael or my Mom.  It made me feel better in the moment but I occasionally find myself using them in other conversations now.  I hate it.  One of the girls in Yoga Teacher Training told me that those words don’t come from a place of love.  She’s so right and her words have stuck with me.  So I’m breaking this habit.  It’s actually far easier than I ever thought possible.

6.  It’s OK to Just Be.  I have this way of filling every moment of every day with tasks.  Mental lists that must be completed before I can relax. I don’t often allow myself to just be, to just sit, relax and enjoy the moment.  I’m always thinking about what I should could do and trying to tell myself that it’s OK to just be right where I am.  I often look at Michael who can be so content at times watching a movie for the 1000th time or just being completely present in a conversation and it makes me jealous.  So I’m breaking my habit of mental lists and setting a new intention to just be present, whatever that may mean in the moment.

Tonight, I’m heading into Boston to meet Michael for drinks with his co-workers and a dinner out.  A chance to be grateful for all that’s happening in life and just have some fun.  Tomorrow, it’s back to the yoga studio for another weekend of teacher training.  I’m thrilled to be back in the studio learning and giving myself this experience.  I love how I feel after these weekends and am excited to start my new job feeling so nurtured and whole.

Have you ever done a life cleanse? What bad habits would you like to rid your life of? Do you like fresh starts?


11 thoughts on “Resetting and a Life Cleanse

  1. High Heels & Running Shoes says:

    Congratulations and good luck! I recently changed jobs and went through the same process, I took time off just to declutter around the house (especially my closet), gave a lot of thought to things that were not making me happy and took those put to. As a result I’m feeling so much better, I love my new job, have energy to work out everyday and came back to blogging. I feel great and I’m sure you will to, changing jobs is a life changing experience and it looks like you are taking full advantage of it! Can’t wait to read about your new job!


  2. Christine says:

    oh my does my life need a good cleaning and detox! I pretty much nodded my head as I read each of the things you’ve listed above. Especially #6 – I have a hard time just being and I feel like I need to allow myself to do that more in my life. And the phone! ohmygosh the phone notifications drive me crazy. I turned those off a long time ago. I felt like I was ADD! Have a wonderful night out celebrating and a great weekend at YTT!!


  3. Athena @ Fitness & Feta says:

    There is nothing better than a “fresh start feeling,” especially if that means freeing yourself of all the things you just mentioned above! I recently just went through my Google Reader as well, and told myself that it was okay to delete a lot of blogs from there, even if they are “bigger bloggers.” There were a lot on there making me feel bad about myself and I was doing a lot of comparison — NOT want I want! Plus why have so many there if I’m just going to “Mark as Read” every single time?

    I really like #6, and have been trying to do the same thing. Have a post in draft about it actually. Good luck! It’s so hard to do. 🙂


  4. dnardi710 says:

    Congratulations on the new job and the fresh start! I’m leaving my job in a few weeks to go back to school and a “life cleanse” sounds like the pefect thing to do before I start classes – I think it will be refreshing to start this new journey with a clean slate!


  5. jobo says:

    I LOVE the decluttering and detoxing! What a great way to start your new job and get a mental reset going. I don’t have my phone ding at all, I hate it, I’d rather just look when I’m ready and not have it flashing at me all the time, good idea on that! I also need to clean out my reader a bit more and my email junk mail! I just did the closet thing, my favorite thing to do haha. Clean it out and make room for new 😉 Have an awesome time celebrating this weekend!


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Thank you!! The phone thing is liberating, I love it!! Clean out your emails and unsubscribe, I think you’ll like receiving less! Yeah, I will plan a single rest day each week but feel guilty taking more. I’m ready to change that for sure!!!


  6. Mary @ food and fun on the run says:

    I decided to take my work email off of my phone a few weeks ago, and I have never felt better. I would check it constantly at home, just out of habit – I wouldn’t really even need to. That would then make me think about work all the time! I feel so much more relaxed as soon as I leave the office.


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