If Life Had a Soundtrack

In our last session at yoga teacher training we had a dance party one morning.  We danced it out for a good 15 minutes and it felt awesome! There was something about letting loose, not caring what you looked like and just dancing away.  I wore a big smile that eventually led to the giggles, which made me so happy.  David reminded us all that songs are just declarations.  Songs are declarations about life, love, ourselves and so much more.

Since starting yoga teacher training I’ve been exposed to so much awesome music.  I’ve probably downloaded more songs and albums in the last month than I have in years.  Seriously, that’s the truth.  I’ve been hooked on a few songs lately and if my life were a movie I’d guess that these songs would be playing in the background.

May I Suggest by Red Molly.

Listen to the lyrics, if they don’t empower and motivate you I don’t know what will.


Big City Life by Mattafix.  

Seriously, there is nothing better to be flowing on the mat to this song.


Home by Philip Philips.  

Not sure why but I’m loving this song lately…it makes me smile.  And it reminds me of the Olympics which in itself inspires me- with hard work and dedication we can make dreams a reality, look at the Fab Five.


Sita Ram by Krishna Days.  

We chant a lot in yoga teacher training, I love it.  It’s calming, relaxing and makes me feel like I’m part of something amazing.


Titanium ft. Sia by David Guetta.  

The lyrics are really a declaration of confidence in who we are.  Lately, I’ve been feeling more confident in who I am and what I want in the life.  Bring it on world, I’m bulletproof. 


Something Beautiful by Alexi Murdoch.  

Aren’t we all in our own way, part of something beautiful?


I’m guessing you’ll find at least a few of these songs on my playlist for my first ever yoga class!

What songs would be on your life soundtrack?  What songs are speaking to you lately? What songs would you add to my playlist for my first yoga class?


6 thoughts on “If Life Had a Soundtrack

  1. Christine says:

    LOVE this post!! I have been so into Phillip Phillips too haha I’m not an American idol watcher but he is awesome and so is that song. I will have to download the rest and am already looking forward to your first class 🙂 see you Saturday!! Yay


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